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"Outwit the Luftwaffe in this action packed flight sim"

The Second World War was a major historical event. In this game you take control of one pilot in this huge conflict. Can you foil the plans of the Luftwaffe?

This is an action based flight game. You can have arcade like controls or realistic flight controls. Along with many other realism and flight controls you can configure your plane. There are 3 types of games. Instant action, where you can throw yourself into a huge dogfight. There are challenges, these could be anything. Then there are the bread and butter of the game, the missions. They have several stages. At the beginning of a mission you can upgrade your aircraft or change it. Within missions you have specific goals and secondary goals to fur fill. The AI of allies and enemies is realistic. They dodge your fire, outrun you and get increasingly harder to kill the further into the game you get. There are flaws in the game play. The collision psychics could do with some tunings and the weapons could do with some more realistic effects.

The graphics are great, (well they should be for a four disc game!) however they are only great if your PC is a good one. I recommend at least the recommended requirements to run this game well. The planes look very realistic and the environments are beautiful. On the other hand there is little by the way of detailed or un necessary scenery. Most of what is there is there for a reason.

There are realistic vocals and sfx in this game. The German's speak in German to each other and sometimes to you. Most of the Germans seem to know English when they speak to you and provoke you. The soundtrack is very similar to most war films. It really reflects in the fighting going on.

This game is darn difficult. The curve of it is really annoying. If you like this game then it will last you a while as you will constantly be repeating it over and over again. If not, then it's in the box or back to the shop for a trade in.

I have given this game 7/10. It's a good game, but it is hard. If you see it cheap like I did then I highly recommend it. But avoid if you don't like flight sims that are action based or your PC could do with a trip to the shop for an upgrade.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/23/04

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