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"Whoops! Enlight made a few mistakes..."

Take a huge glob of Dynasty Warriors. A decent sized amount of Age of Empires or Total War Add amazing graphics and design. Add some history and a hint of RPG. Sounds good doesn't it? Well the developers Enlight did this. Then they went to the toilet on it and burnt it black while they cooked it. This is Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc.

Let's get the worst aspect done first. This game is like Dynasty Warriors in many ways. The main fault is that the game does not seem to flow. Unlike Dynasty Warriors where you are given a battle to win by any means, this game makes you do specific things. If you disobey then you or another major character will be quickly slain and militated. The fighting is really poor, you swing your sword and maybe one of the 15 enemies around you will have a small reduction in health. Then they will all swing their swords and kill you instantly. This game is very difficult. It is the hardest game I have ever played. Even on easy mode the game is near impossible. I haven't tried normal! I don't really want to!

The RTS scenes are bearable, but the fighting is were this game falls over.

This game is so hard that the only way I won one level was thanks to a strange glitch that enabled my character to attack the enemy through a wall they all seemed to crowd around. This means that the AI is a bit poor, but you are still to easily killed. Your health meter can jump from 50% to zilch killing you in the blink of an eye.

But the controls are well designed and there Is a quick heal button when you are in the impossible heat of battle. The controls are well explained, and the manual is detailed and well designed, I salute the people that made the box and manual.

One last complaint is the levelling up. On my first play I didn't level up. Then, halfway through the 3rd mission I realized. I used up all my levelling up points, nearly doubling most of my characters stats. But the next few fights on that level were still just as hard. It seems that the enemy levels up with you.

Smooth, colourful, detailed, atmospheric and glitch filled. This sums up the graphics. The well designed horses seem to levitate when running down hills. Arrows have impossibly weird physics, there is strange collision detection. If you run into another character they get pushed. You can have loads of fun pushing townsfolk across the towns. This game is over rated. When you attack someone all you get is a horrible “bonk” or “clunk”. The only other reason this game has such a high age rating is the constant use of the words b*****d and W***e. This is probably due to one of the characters having the first word in his name. Strange goings on a beautiful and rather realistic looking world.

Strange orchestral music that does add to the atmosphere, the ambient noise is present and used well. The battle noises are terrible. No slashes and screams like in Dynasty Warriors. There are “bonks, clunks and shouts of “my health is low!” in odd accents. Few of the characters actually speak with a French accent.

You will find your self glued to this game for several long sessions. If you are a good gamer. (A very good gamer.) Then you may finish it. For those who are not as good, you will fight to finish a mission every now and again. Just to prove that you are better than the game. Not much of a lifespan here.

I give this game 5/10. The RTS scenes are some fun, if you are good enough to reach them. Buy it if you really want it. Think carefully, you can find it pretty cheap. If you've got the money and you're willing to risk it then you may just like it. You have been warned. A mixed experience awaits you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/17/04

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