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"A unique and amzaing game"

Lucas Kane stops off to eat in a diner on his way home from work. He falls into a trance like state and stabs a complete stranger to death in the restroom of the diner. From here on, you play as not only Lucas, the murderer, but also as the police officers chasing him, although the plot is linear, every choice you make makes a tiny variation to this plot. An intense adventure game begins from here.

The basic Gameplay is like an average 3D adventure game, except instead of pressing buttons you move the mouse in a certain direction to make things happen. Then the Gameplay divulges. There are speed actions where you have to press left and right buttons as fast as you can to complete the action in the time limit, which is often very generous.

The second form of action is a rhythm based activity where you have to press the corresponding button at the right time, this is a bit more complicated on the pc version than the console ones, but it is easy to get the hang of eventually. There are also some other random mini games, but these are all explained before they begin.

Conversations in this game involve selecting your desired action in a worryingly fast time. It does not matter if you don't decide fast enough as the game chooses for you, although it can change the flow of the game. The game is sometimes confusing, with puzzles thrown in your face before you realize what happens.

In some ways dated, but in some ways very modern. The characters do not look that impressive, but the backdrops are very impressive. There are a wide variety of options for graphics tweaking, and the game only requires a 32mb card to get the game running. The minimum requirements are very low by today's standards. One other thing, some of the animations are very dated, for instance there is an extreme lack of water in the game, characters pour nothing into a cup and then drink nothing before putting an invisible lid back on the bottle. However as I will explain next, there are very good quality sound effects to go with each action.

Sound: The music in this game is amazing. The themes were composed by Angelo Badalamenti, and they are amazing, the music on Lucas's stereo is also good, but not to everyone's taste. the vocals are good, the lip syncing is in time, but the movement of the characters lips seems underdone.

I have explained much of the story in the Into. I can however say, that although this game is set in the near future, very few things look different from today, the computers look cool though. Also the general plot of this game is a sort of fugitive style adventure game, with a paranormal subplot that grows stronger the further into the game you get. The plot is overall quite dark. It's darker than Broken Sword 3 or Shadow of Destiny as a comparison.

The variations should give this game a lot of replay value to this game, and there are secret tokens to collect that enable bonuses to be unlocked.

I give this game 9/10, it has an intriguing plot and brilliant sound, it was hindered slightly by the graphics quality. This game is a definite sleeper hit, and most people will ignore the slightly dated graphics and enjoy the great game play, I would recommend this game to anyone who likes adventure games, or wants something new.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/17/05

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