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Reviewed: 06/14/07

A city building game for a sunday afternoon

Welcome to Rome! But for those of you expecting in depth strategy and detailed planning to keep you up till the early hours, sweating and with red eyes as you try to desperately prevent your whole city from being destroyed, you had best to stay away. This is a game for the relaxed, calm, Sunday afternoon gamer. Whilst this game can rise to great difficulty in the aptly named “challenge mode”, the main core of the game is calm city building, with a great atmosphere and lots of fun.

Standard city building affair basically, you have your resources and you build stuff, but unlike most games, not only do you have to have the resources, you need slaves as well. A resource that is required for your city to survive and one that can easily turn upon you. Slaves are perhaps the most annoying aspect of this game. You may come to hate your citizens because it is a crucial part of the game to keep each one lovely and merry in your city, this sounds easy, but the richer they get the more demanding they get and the more you have to think about were you put what. At first this sounds difficult but you must realize that unlike some city building games, this game won’t rip you to shreds if you fail to provide a few people with sausages every now and again.

The game has 3 modes of play, campaign mode where you fly around Italy and manage different cities with specific problems, e.g. disease or food shortages. The second mode is challenge mode where you have to solve a big problem as fast and as well as possible and your scores are uploaded to the internet to compare with everyone else. This game also has a free build mode where you can just relax and have a good time building your perfect classical metropolis.

Not that impressive but you get a very good performance on low end cards and laptops! That’s right people, for all those stuck with SIS or Intel cards that most games hate, well this game supports them, especially laptops! Now that is worth good points especially if you are a low end laptop gamer like myself. The textures are nice and people, water and buildings look good, the trees are slightly cartoon like and I really dislike them but they are not that much of a problem. (Build a few wood cutting lodges and they will be gone soon enough). There is however a fairly limited customisation and a small selection of screen resolutions, still the ease of the interface and camera control combined with its low end support make up for this

Nothing particularly impressive here, except, you can play the game in Latin with Latin voiceovers! Now I find that rather awesome as a bonus feature to this game. There is some simple orchestral music and sufficient sound effects to provide a decent sound experience, just don’t expect it to blow you away.

Okay there is not much to say here, so I will just summarize from the manual, you are a new governor hoping to take control of the new cities of the roman empire as it expands thanks to the rule of its first emperor Augustus. As the government gives you tasks, you go and do them, and they get bigger and better until you are the best governor and everyone loves you, or things to that effect.

Well if it does not bore you then you will come back to play again, and building an epic city takes a lot of hours.

I give this game 8/10, if you fancy an easy going building game with a nice classical feel then this is for you, you can take lots of nice pictures in game and take pride in every detail of your work. It’s the perfect game for a non-hardcore gamer and it really is a nice thing to play. Go on, head on back to Rome, they have wine!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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