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This game ill needs a savior 08/24/06 934400
My 50th review is on the best of the Castlevania series 03/28/02 Aganar
A Symphony Like No Other 04/02/07 bjd87
You know we'll have a good time then... 06/22/10 discoinferno84
A master of its genre, Symphony of the Night leaves a lasting impression. 12/31/14 gameboy3145
A prime example of how to make a great game. 12/19/00 GBishop
Two Hundred 08/16/04 Genjuro Kibagami
'I'm here to put an end to this.' 04/20/03 Halron2
A recent review for this awesome game... 08/22/03 hamhamninja
An excellent video game! 02/12/10 Herugrim
A revolution for Castlevania 10/02/06 Lord_Vaati
The castle's big as a town, hence the name 08/09/05 Megnetto
Let us play this game for pleasure; the night is still young 07/31/15 nastynate3118
The only major problem with Symphony of the Night is finding a word that accurately describes just how fun it is 01/05/06 Paltheos
Look up the word pinnacle in the dictionary, then play this game and see one. 01/04/02 Psycho Penguin
When you mix the best elements of Super Metroid, Castlevania, and RPG together, you get a revolution. 07/15/05 Rango
Ultimate Classic. 04/18/06 SaintDarkSide
A Monster of a Good Time 08/14/14 SethBlizzard
Great everything! 05/12/05 Shadow Edge
The Definitive Castlevania 01/19/05 Shadowruler
Insert all synonyms for the word "breathtaking" here to describe SOTN. 06/21/01 Shady
The game is a must have CLASSIC!!! 12/29/07 sknmak
The Castlevania that you will honestly remeber 12/06/06 StarcryX
Gaming's Magnum Opus 11/29/12 Suprak the Stud
The Best Castlevania Ever, the Best 2D Platformer Ever? 12/24/03 The Hellbound Heart
This game should be in every gamer's tomb 03/23/03 Tokyo Fusion
Please, read the review before you begin the flaming... 03/01/01 Vegita
Fun, but with very -shallow- flaws... 01/13/04 Vesperas
King of the Castle(vania) 09/05/13 Xodyak
The Son of Dracula is all ready to beat down some undead enemies with RPG style. 07/14/05 ZFS
This game has been one of my favourites since 1997, it's still as fun to play today. 08/10/09 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
The best Castlevainia?PUH-LEASE!!! 08/22/00 fekkot
These are the kind of games we need more of!! 02/07/00 bruplex
This is the greatest game of all time. 10/30/01 DisturbedSentry
One of the most spectacular games out there, and definatly a playstation must 11/01/99 DJSno
[This tagline has been replaced with an infomercial about laxatives] 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Simply the greatest game ever created!!! 06/17/00 Fangore
Unfortunately, after this game Konami decided to destroy the Castlevania series. Oh well, we'll always have SOTN... 08/20/00 FFreak21
Good Night 11/19/01 Future Gamer
A Pioneer in the realm of 3D Gaming 05/22/17 greatdreamhero
One of the best games ever made... 11/01/99 Id
Objective Review comparing game to Castlevania series 08/18/08 Japhasca
Not as good as the Japanese copies but will do 09/14/07 JF7X
Dark Metamorphosis! 11/10/14 Kashell Triumph
"Wow, a horror movie on your PSX." 05/08/00 lufia22
RPG Medievil Wonder! 10/18/00 ManMill
Best Castlevania Ever 09/05/13 PooPoopykins
Excellent Addition to the Castlevania series. 01/13/01 Slipknotted
Best Castlevania out of them all 11/01/99 SOakley
One of the greatest 2-D games ever made. 11/01/99 Truegamer
A beautiful game, with an awesome soundtrack 11/01/99 Valkryie_X
Definetely one of the best games on the PSX 11/01/99 YankeeJTC
Who'd have thought THIS would survive on Playstation? 04/26/01 Yoma
A great 2-D masterpiece from Konami! It's a classic! 12/16/02 YSF
It's like a better version of Metroid meets Dracula...only better 11/01/99 Zippo

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