Review by Psycho Penguin

"A slower, less refined version of Tekken 3"

Usually when a popular game is made, there are countless ripoffs of them. Can anyone even count how many Pong ripoffs there are? There were a lot. The same went for Tekken 3, but there were not a lot of ripoffs made for that particular game. Instead, there was only a few. One of them was a game called Kensei: Sacred Fist. When I first saw the game at my friend's house, he told me it was a cool fighting game. On later investigation, I found out that it wasn't a cool fighting game, but rather a ripoff of a cool fighting game. Everything about Kensei: Sacred Fist reminds me of Tekken 3, with the excpetion of Tekken 3 actually being fun, innovative, and fast. Kensei has the basic elemnts of Tekken 3 but the slow gameplay makes this game a laugher.

Graphics (5.5/10): Think Tekken 3, just not as good. The character models are pretty bad, and the design of the characters are not good at all. The backgrounds are stale and pretty ugly. They are pretty decent, but there is lots of breakup and the frame rate is SLOW

Music/Sound (4.3/10): This music is pretty bad. Each stage has some form of music playing but the music is below average, The sound effects are average.

Gameplay/Control (4.8/10): Read my Tekken 3 review, then note that the gameplay is about 100 times slower, easier, and is a lot more boring. Thats about how to desribe the gameplay in this game.

Replay Value (0.1/10): Anyone want my copy?

Challenge (3.1/10): Yeah, right.

Overall (3.6/10): Another boring Tekken ripoff. The gameplay is sorta fun, but overall is too slow. Add to it the lack of secrets, the dull and stale graphics, the lack of innovation, and overall boredom equal to a lackluster game that you should avoid.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/11/00, Updated 07/16/01

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