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Reviewed: 08/12/01 | Updated: 08/12/01

Very good game, I cant see why some people dont like it

Medievil has something thats rare in alot of games. Its got a spooky sort of feeling and a bit of cartoony stuff from time to time all at the same time. I love this game because of how just plain different it is. Id give it an 8.5 but it doesn't allow fractions, and I guess giving it a 9 wouldn't be quite worthy enough. So here, let me show you just what Im talking about, and why Medievil is the game for you.

Storyline- 7/10: You've been summoned back from the dead to do battle with an evil warlock named Zarok who killed you in battle 100 years ago. The game takes place in the 1700's as I recall. So yes the storyline is somewhat typical, but it is also not something you'll be seeing in alot of plots these days.

Gameplay- 8/10: The game is easy to navigate and fun to work with. You can very easily learn how to play this game in about 20 minutes or so. I think its alot of fun running around the crypt and graveyards and such, attacking zombies with your sword, bow and arrow, or even your own arm! And sure it gets harder as it goes along but what kind of a decent game is easy the whole way through? Yeah, damn straight.

Graphics and Sound: 8/10: The graphics for this game, at the time, were about as good as they could be. Today you might think that their pretty crappy compared to some games, but they still hold meaning in most true gamers eyes. As for the sound it goes mostly the same. Something thats gotten better since when it was released but still holds a good meaning. So give it a chance and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

So will I want to play this game again?: 9/10: Yes you will definately want to play this game again and again. Sure its not for everybody, but how many games are? I think most people really like this game when they first play it, because its not like anything they've ever played before. I can't think, in all my years of gaming, that I've played a game with the same qualities as this one. This is something you should hold on to and keep coming back to. You'll love it!!

To buy or not to buy- (No rating): I'd say your definately going to want to buy this game hands down but if your questioning anything that I've said, I suggest you rent it first, play for a few hours, and then think it all over. Such a game as Medievil is hard to find these days. Trust me people. How many games let you throw your own arm, attack possessed villagers in an old forbidden town, battle with demons on a ghost ship, and try to claim your place within the Hall of Heroes? My point exactly!!!

So, in the end, I still suggest Medievil is worth owning. If you DON'T come back to it again and again then I've got to wonder if you really listened to what I've been saying in this review, and/or if you took me seriously. This game kicks ass! Trust me, Medievil is a game for you!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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