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"An excellent sequel to an awesome game!"

Although some games sequels seem to drag(as well as movie sequels), Medievil 2 is in no way like that. This game takes place roughly 100 years after the first one, in 19th century London. If you bought the first game or are interested in adventure type games then I highly suggest you buy this one. Now let me explain why.

Gameplay- 8/10: Medievil 2's controls are identical to its prequel Medievil. Thus, it should'nt take anybody more then around 20 minutes to learn the in's and out's of the game. After that its all about having fun and helping Sir Dan rid the world of the demon trying to put Zarok's spell book back together. I think I've said about all I need to on that issue so lets move on.

Storyline- 9/10: The story in Medievil 2 is almost a continuation of the first game. After Sir Dan saves the day in Medievil(I tried my best to say this without spoiling anything) the spell book is apparently still floating around, its pages torn from it and strewn all around. So this demon is trying to recover all the pages and its up to you, a professor, a mummified egyptian girl, and a ghost to save the day. Somewhat original I think.

Graphics and Sound- 7/10: The graphics and sound of Medievil 2 are exactly the same as the first game. Their not exactly superb but they still give the gamer a very detailed experiance. And, as I've said before in previous reviews, it also depends on the system your playing it on.

So will I want to play this game again?- 8/10: Yes, you will most likely want to return to Medievil 2 especially if you did so for the first game. Its got things you wont see in other games. For example, where else would you find an old mansion where vampires lurk, a town where fat little cops run around attacking you, or a professor with mechanical hands? Exactly my point!

To buy or not to buy- (No rating): If you enjoyed Medievil then I suggest you buy this game right off the bat. However, if you havent played that game or want to know more about it first then I suggest you rent it and play it for awhile.

Overall- 8/10: Medievil 2 is very unique, alot like its predicessor. Its got a unique plot as well as unique characters and places. If you don't love playing this game then I'd have to ask why. Especially after reading this review. Thanks everybody, and goodbye.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/01, Updated 08/13/01

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