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Even 7 years later, this game still defines greatness.10/19/05Acquire
Miles ahead of its time.05/30/08Black_Seed
A rather boring and annoying game, but it looks quite nice01/01/03Inigo Pipkin
Terrible controls, poor gameplay, and a convoluted plot results in an appalling game; then and now05/23/08killswitch1968
Best game ever? Not quite...12/01/01Lagunathemoron
One long dreadful cutscene with interactive bits in between.07/18/05Tomos ANTIGUA Tomos
I See You, Sneaky Snake!01/11/12BloodGod65
My favorite game....12/09/04bluehawk102
An excellent game in which hiding from enemies is a good thing.06/15/01BrakZero
Unarguably the best game yet for the Playstation. A must-have!02/20/03Capn_Andy
Action-packed, Emotional, Involving - A Beautiful Cinematic Experience. I truly fell in love with this game.07/02/08CortSether
Truly inspiring - Metal Gear Solid is a masterpiece.06/14/00Cyber-Sushi
With the metal trying to make these ************* die freezing07/05/03Denouement
One fine masterpeice02/20/03DSpok
The PlayStation's finest hour.08/22/03EDDY555
Simply incredible...10/15/03El Greco
Something that may never be accomplished again06/14/04Fein
An extremely great game--while it lasts...12/16/00Heartless Angel
The Legacy of Awesome... Just one fault.04/24/06hecktic00
Who just went into that elevator? Meh, it was probably the wind...01/03/07horror_spooky
The best of the best!02/05/05I_Need_A_Life
DOES THIS SNEAKING SUIT COME IN A 44 regular?07/31/04johnathanblade
A look back on one of the Playstation's proudest moments.03/10/04jokebreath
Game developers, take note; this is a perfect game.06/02/10Lyricalias
Buy ... it ... NOW !!!!!07/22/04Mister Sinister
A cinematic wonder.06/21/05MSuskie
This game isn't a tool of the government or anyone else...01/03/14nastynate3118
MGS4 hype finally got me curious enough to try the series.11/06/08neonreaper
And the winner for best PSX game goes to....03/18/03NES4EVER
NWalterstorf's vote for the best game ever made.04/10/06NWalterstorf
A rough diamond that shines nonetheless09/24/09Ofisil
It may not be the best game in the series, but it certainly is the most memorable.12/20/12OhHiRenan
One of the most hyped video games of all time lives up to expectations.. almost.07/16/01Psycho Penguin
Metal Gear Solid can tell one heck of a story, but I can no longer turn a blind eye to everything else12/08/10roadtosalvation
Konami's finest; a masterpiece in gameplay and story-telling.12/03/13Ryan Harrison
Metal Gear Solid: Tactical, check! Espionage, check! Action, check!05/31/07SaintDarkSide
Huh? What was that noise?12/16/02Shady
Metal Gear Solid knows that it's a video game, and benefits from it05/01/09shenmuer2001
The game that made videogame history.10/31/05Spudwiser
The most influential game on the PlayStation.04/21/08StickyLlamas
Snakes Really Do Belong In Alaska.08/11/04Tarrun
Not to be confused with Monosodium Glutamate06/21/05Time_Keeper
Great Story; Awful Play-Control.10/26/04tollbooth
Take the tens with a grain of salt06/02/08Tom Ingram
Still a really good game, although it's aged about as well as a corpse.10/11/10UltimaterializerX
Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!10/20/08Zylo the wolf

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