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"Slow Gameplay + Complex Menu System = Disappointment"

When I had my Sega Genesis, I played a few games. One of those games was the NCAA Football series. Actually back then the game was called College Football USA 97, and it was damn fun. Featuring fast gameplay and excellent controls, I had a blast playing both against my friends and against the computer AI, which was pretty tough. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to borrow NCAA Football 2000, I said yes. After all, I had enjoyed the old NCAA Football games, and the new ones featured better graphics and better sounds, so how could I go wrong? So I borrowed it, anxiously went home, and played it. That's when the fun ended. Not only is the game not as good as I expected, it features slow gameplay and lack of fun factor. As a mater of fact, since the first hour, I have not played it at all since. Instead I fired up the old Genesis versions and thought of what could have been.....

Graphics (8.3/10): Okay, the graphics are pretty good. They're in total 3D, and they look good. The player models are great, and there's lots of detail. Also, the stadiums look good and lifelike. Overall, good graphics. However there are some problems with the graphics like breakup and slowdown. It gets quite bad at times.

Music/Sound (6.1/10): The coolest thing about the music and sound effects are that the bands sometimes start playing the school theme. That's pretty good. Like when I was playing Florida State, the Florida State theme played and the Penn State crowd booed. That's realistic. Unfortunately all the other music and sound pretty much sucks.

Gameplay/Control (6.2/10): This game is slowwww. What happened to the fast and fun gameplay of the old genesis and Super Nintendo college football games? The menus are also very hard to sort through, I still have yet to figure out the complex menu system. Combine slow gameplay and a complex menu system and you have a pretty bad football game.

Replay Value Low
Challenge: High

My idea for a fun college footbal game: NCAA Blitz 2001. Would make tons of money.

Overall (5.8/10): Not what I expected.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/20/00, Updated 07/16/01

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