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"The Truth About Resident Evil 2"

When Resident Evil 2 first came out, everyone seemed to be blown away by it, except for one person. That person happened to be a very handsome one, whose name happens to be SMcFadden. anyways enough about the great one, on to Resident Evil 2. I enjoyed the game as much as the next guy, but I noticed some glaring flaws in the game, which I'd get to in the upcoming sections of the reviews. Let me just say that there are more flaws in the game that everyone's been saying... I mean, everyone was acting like this was the perfect game when it first came out (especially GamePro Magazine) but I realized that this game was fun, but it wasn’t that great. Sure, it had its good points, but mostly every other game does. Overall, Resident Evil 2 for Playstation is a great game but has a few flaws, mainly in the control and challenge of the game. Read on for my updated review to Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation.

I call this, ''The Truth About Resident Evil 2''

Graphics (8.3/10)
The graphics in the game are pretty good. Resident Evil 2 features the same pre rendered backgrounds featured in both its prequel and quasi-sequel, nemesis. The detail in the backgrounds is pretty cool, as you can make out individual stuff like a piece of paper in a trash can. There are lots of gorgeous visuals as well. The thing about Resident Evil 2 for the Playstation is the fact that the game is not 3D visuals. Rather, the graphics are 2D backgrounds, with 3D character models. Pre rendered backgrounds for this game were a great idea, in my opinion. I mean, sure, I liked the 3D visuals of Dino Crisis for the Playstation, but I do not think that those kind of graphics would fit the Resident Evil style of gameplay. The game just has a different feel to it than the Dino Crisis game does, and therefore I think that the contrast of styles between Resident Evil series and Dino Crisis is a good thing. The enemy designs are great, even though they are basically zombies. And not the best of looking zombies, either, but the enemy designs are rather effective. I like the Full Motion Video scenes the best, especially the one when the Venom-look a like enemy crashes in through the window. Talk about some great graphics! Overall, the graphics in Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation may not be perfect, but the graphics are still pretty good!

Music/Sound (8.4/10)
What music?? Seriously, there's hardly any music in the game, which is a VERY good thing. Imagine a scary game with happy music in it. The feeling of being spooked by the eerie quiet would be totally lost. Anyways, the sounds in Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation are quite good as well. There are a lot of great sound effects in the game, ranging from the moaning cries of the zombies to the gunshots heard when you fire off the gun. My favorite sound effect in Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation is the sound that is made when you get a game over screen, and the zombies start eating at your flesh. It really is a sick and sadistic sound that really fits in well with the whole spooky feeling of the game. Back to the music in the game, Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation really does not have much music featured in the game at all. Which is probably a good thing at the end, because too much music would have taken away from the spooky atmosphere of the game significantly. I mean, when walking down a dark street at night in real life, do you hear music playing? No! All you hear is crickets, cars, etc. and you are spooked out. So the developers of the game decided to incorporate that spooky feeling into the game, and they really did a great job, in my opinion. Overall, the music and sound effects in Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation are above average.

Gameplay/Control (7.2/10)
First off, the control in this game takes some time to get used to. Resident Evil 2 uses the same control as Resident Evil 3 but lacks some of the newer stuff like a quick 180 degree turn and auto aim. Gameplay wise, Resident Evil 2 is good but the game gets boring at times. A lot of it is puzzle oriented so most of the time you're trying to find something to put into something. Its good, but more variety would have been welcome. I mean, imagine this for a second. You’re going around, kicking some zombie butt, all of a sudden you have to find a couple of red and green gems and put them in a statue just to continue! Now, sure, the puzzles in the game are quite fun and challenging, and it is a good diversion from the simplicity and tediousness of killing zombies, but in the end, I would have liked to see a little more variety in the puzzles. For instance, more complex puzzles, mainly because the puzzles in the game are pretty much ''find (insert item here) and place it in the (insert place here)''. But I digress, because at least Capcom incorporated some puzzles into the game, so the game wouldn’t be quite as boring had it been only zombie killing. Control wise, I have always had a problem in the control structure of the Resident Evil series, and I dislike the control in this game the most. You know in some games, to move left you just push left right? Well, not in Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation. In Resident Evil 2, to move left, you have to push left to aim the person in the direction, then push up. Also, you cannot run when you are severely injured, so the control in the game really takes away from the overall enjoyment and fun factor of the game. It also dampens the replay value of the game as well. Overall, Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation has great and varied gameplay but TERRIBLE control.

Replay Value (Medium)
The replay value in Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation is quite good, but could have been better. A major problem that I have with the game is the control system in the game. Sure, some people may like the control system, but I do not. I wish there would have been an option to change around the whole feel of the control system and make it more like a regular adventure game. Other than that, the replay value does not suffer much, because the game is so much fun to play! Overall, the replay value in Resident Evil 2 for the Playstation is great, but would have been much better had it not been for the weird control system featured.

Challenge (Medium)
I love playing the most difficult mode, starting off with SIX FREAKING zombies in front of you. That’s always fun. I mean, I have never even gotten past the first few screens while on the challenge mode, because of all the zombies that are persent, plus the fact that you have no gun and no ammo! Add to that the complexity of the control system (push left and up to walk left?) and you have a big challenge ahead of you! Thankfully once you get past the first few screens (if you ever do) the challenge dies down a bit, and the real fun starts. Overall, the challenge in Resident Evil 2 for the Sony Playstation is decent after you clear the first few screens of the game.

Overall (7.2/10)
Resident Evil 2 delivers solid, if not somewhat uninspired, gameplay, and the overall gaming experience is quite good, but I expected more.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/24/00, Updated 07/16/01

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