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I had my little brother borrow this game off a friend over a year ago. I still haven't let him get it back. 07/15/00 AKMoose
Not as good as Metal Gear, but one of the best damn games out there! 11/17/99 Amakusa42
Wide variety of weapons, good story, but something's missing.. 01/13/01 Brian L.
An excellent game for people who are waiting for the new Metal Gear Game 01/13/01 DJSno
The action we wanted in MGS, but didn't get, is now here! 01/13/01 Dr. Chocobo
A game that will be so copied... 01/13/01 Dr.Zan
Metal Gear clone or not, this game rocks! 09/27/02 Duel007
The game that beats, and I mean absolutely batters MGS Goldeneye and Tenchu all at the same time! 01/13/01 Grasswidow
Similar to Metal Gear Solid, but still great on its own 03/08/00 Greatest One
A great game but not as good as Metal Gear Soild but still a must buy. 01/13/01 HAHE
A game to beat Goldeneye, Tenchu, and even Metal Gear Solid! 01/13/01 iguana
Gabe Logan is the man 01/05/05 jetta42
Quite possibly the greatest action game ever made. 10/31/01 joshx42
Better than the second...somewhat. 12/21/01 King Barbarossa
A kick-ass game that you should buy, cherish and celebrate with gallons of melted milk chocolate 01/13/01 KnaveDog
An Intense Game That No Fan of MGS Should Miss 01/13/01 MBeddingfield
A brilliant game that runs Metal Gear very close 03/05/02 Millers C
989 jumps into the fray with it's own espionage adventure 01/13/01 Morbydd
Top stuff indeed 05/04/00 pheonix
Don't go chasing waterfalls.... 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
An exciting and addictive game with no equals on the PSX. 11/24/99 PTsang
Looks like Metal Gear, but it's not 01/13/01 Rev Ray Cool
Great game, odd name. 04/19/01 shigman
A good, if flawed, action thriller. 05/03/13 SquallEX8
WAYYYY over-rated. Somewhat fair game. Starts off alright, then the story dies, then the game falls. 01/13/01 Tarek
By no means a cheap MGS clone 01/31/01 Timmy Big Hands
Syphon Filter brings action packed espionage and terrorism to you in twenty exciting levels . . . 01/13/01 TProfeta
Loved this game ever since I first picked it up over 6 years ago. 01/18/06 TVthePunisher
Most people compare this to Metal Gear Solid; looks like they haven't played yet. 01/13/01 ZackMan
The best game I've ever played (twice)! 04/24/00 Zan2828

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