Review by Psycho Penguin

Reviewed: 02/29/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

The Action adventure genre should be ashamed of this horrible game!

Man, every time I hear someone tell me that Tomb Raider is a great game I get so mad inside. The only reason that they like the game is because of the *ahem* hero in the game. I mean the gameplay and control are so horrible in this game that I cannot fathom how anybody can possibly like it. The graphics are very pixelly, the control reeks of Chicago Bull dung, and the gameplay is quite possibly the worst I have ever seen in an action adventure game. The game is really, really bad and I definetly recommend you avoid it. No matter what. Not even to play when you need a good laugh (to get a good laugh just watch just about any Rock match.... and see how the other wrestler always seems to carry him through the match.)

Graphics (0.4/10): How could anybody not drunk off their bird think that these graphics are anywhere close to good. The graphics are so rotten and pixelly its terrible. The hero looks like a skinny prick, and the backgrounds in the game are so bad you could make out each individual pixel. Its a shame, really.

Music/Sound (0.1/10): Hahahaha, I didnt hear any good music or sound effects at all in the game.

Gameplay/Control (0.2/10): Frustrating, Frustrating, frustrating. The control in this game is so bad it makes me want to put my finger down my thoat and spew the people's vomit all over this game's candy (behind)!! Seriously, it is a chore to control Lara, and it seems like it is a sin for her to do what you control her to do. The control is so bad in this game its unreal. Gameplay is equally sweet.

Replay Value (-infinite): Ever since shooting this game with several BB bullets I havent even thunk of playing this game again.

Challenege (10/10): The two biggest challenges in this game are trying o figure out how anybody can like this sorry game, and how Eidos could screw up a game so badly like they screwed up this game.

Overall (0.1/10): Do not get this game. It is the worst Playstation game I have ever played. STAY AWAY.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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