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You must buy this game.... Oh yes, You must buy this game....01/13/01Amakusa42
How's 500,000 points in a single combo sound?01/11/01Aristotle
I don't even own a playstation and i love this game!03/17/00BiZ
The Best Skating Game Ever!01/13/01ChodaBoy
If you've ever found yourself interested in a skateboard, you'd be hurting yourself to pass this one up.01/13/01Cliq
If"The Search for Animal Chin" means anything to you, you will worship this game!01/09/00coffee_gum
If you never liked skating, you'll like it now!05/20/02Doodleheimer
One of the Most Exciting Games Ever Made10/13/01ff7bigfan
One of the best games for the playstation03/09/00Greatest One
The first truly great skateboarding game12/14/15horror_spooky
Think 'fun for 20 minutes arcade game' and you've got Tony Hawk.03/26/00Karma
Good game, a rare genre.02/11/00KasketDarkfyre
The best skateboarding game out there...01/26/00Mako9797
TWO WORDS: AWESOME(wait thats 1)07/03/01mesays
The best sports game ever... for PSX.03/07/00MSpada
The best skateboarding game ever made.01/13/01Nemesis
The best Non-RPG game ever made!01/24/00PContaminator
Are you looking for a new, fun game to add to your collection. This is it!01/13/01phillipdc
I'd give it an 11 if I could.....01/16/00ProSk8erJeff
This game has it all.01/27/00Red Viper
Whether you like skateboarding or not, this deserves your attention.01/27/00RMcCarl
This game is the definition of entertainment!!!!!02/13/00SCCAN85
This Is The Best Sports Game ever!01/13/01SDJaY
If you've never played this... you've definatley missed out12/05/04Something Awful
This is the game that started it all.07/13/02The CKYskater

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