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Reviewed: 04/19/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Baseball's best game on Playstation... but will it last?

Baseball has always been an interesting sport to me. I have somewhat enjoyed watching the sport, but I have never been a hardcore fan of the game itself. Same with baseball video games. Sure, I have had my fair share of fun in such games as MLBPA Baseball (SNES) and World Series baseball 95 (Sega Genesis). But, I have never been a huge fan of baseball video games. So I was not really excited about playing what has been hailed as ''the best baseball game on Playstation''. I mean, sure I wanteed to play it, but it wasn't a must play game, in my opinion. Which is why I never really bothered with the game too much, until about a week ago, when baseball season started. That's when I sat down and played the game for a few hours. Then I played it a lot until I won a whole bunch of games. The game is really fun, but it can get boring after a while. It is my favorite baseball game on Playstation, but will that title last through this year's batch of baseball games? I dunno, because while this game is good, it could use some improvements. Now on with my review to Triple Play 2000 for Playstation!

Graphics (9.3/10)
Triple Play '99 had pretty good graphics, but there were some minor flaws. Triple Play 2000 improved on these minor flaws and delivered a great graphical game. First off, the player models have improved greatly. The game really feels like you're at the park, and batting at the plate. Speaking of parks, all of the stadiums are beautifully recreated, from 3Com Park to Jacob's Field. Triple Play 2000 for PSX has some great graphics.

Music/Sound (8.6/10)
Triple Play 2000 has good music, and decent commentary. The music featured is not close to being ''great'', but it is certainly effective for a baseball game. The commentary is good, but could have been better. Instead of the commentary keeping up with the game, it drags at times. It doesn't detract from the gaming experience too much though. Overall, Triple Play 2000 for the Sony Playstation has good music and sound effects.

Gameplay/Control (8.2/10)
Yeah, Triple Play 2000 is a baseball game. It's also a pretty good one. First off, it has a lot of modes to choose from. Home Run Challenge, Season, Exhibtion, its all here. The game itself is good, but seems to move very slow, because it takes forever between pitches. The batting system is pretty good, press Circle to bunt, X to hit for contact, or Square to hit for Power. The pitching system is reminscent of Woirld Series in that you pick your pitch, and it automatically pitches for you. Overall, Triple Play 2000 for Playstation has god, yet flawed, gameplay.

Replay Value


Overall (8.1/10)
Don't expect me to come looking for Triple Play 2001...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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