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"The TV show is bad enough, THQ!"

You know, until the release of WWF Smackdown, the Playstation had been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to
quality wrestling games. While the Nintendo 64 has had great titles like WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and WCW/nWo Revenge, the Playstation has had stinkers such as Thunder, WWF In Your House, and especially Nitro. Boy, and I thought Thunder was bad. This game has all of the things that Thunder does bad, and does them ten times worse. This is truly a very, very sad attempt at a wrestling game. When I play a wrestling game, there are three things I look for that helps me to decide whether or not the game is good: good party game, fun gameplay, and fast gameplay. Well Im sorry to say that WCW Nitro executes only one of the three (fast gameplay), but does that pretty terribly as well. Overall, I called Thunder the worst wrestling game ever, but now this game takes that prestigious award. At least it did until I played WCW vs the World. WCW Nitro is now my second most hated wrestling game of all time. How bad is it? Well, read on and find out.

Graphics (2.1/10)
Sometimes I could not recognize the wrestler I was fighting (this is probably due to my lack of WCW knowledge) because the graphics were so blurry. I even had the game freeze once, and it has crashed several times. The graphics are grainy, the wrestlers have so many pixels on them, you could probaly count each individual one. And the background graphics, sheesh! Terrible graphics in a terrible game. The crowd effects in the game are just terrible, as well. Overall, the graphics in WCW Nitro are just plain terrible. And the sad thing is, this is the 2nd best looking WCW game made for Playstation!

Music/Sound (4.1/10)
Hey, if you listen closely you could probably hear each wrestler's theme song, although if you're like me you probably wouldn't care. The commentary is seriously lacking (he kicked out!) and the music that plays during the matches is stale and very bland. I will now describe the two most important features in a wrestling game when it comes to music and sound. Parents, put the children to bed, this won't be pretty!

Music: The music in WCW Nitro for Playstation could have been better, especially because the Playstation has been known for its quality music and sound effects. A good addition to this game would have been the wrestlers theme songs, and I know they could have been incldued because there is plenty of space on the CD to put the theme songs on the CD. The music that plays during the matches themselves is pretty good, not perfect but at least it is decent, which is more than what could be said about the rest of the game.

Commentary: The commentary in WCW Nitro for the Playstation is just terrible. Fat Tony makes his video game debut, and he does it with about as much intelligence as he shows he has on TV. First off, he really only says about 4 things in the entire game. All he seems to say is the name of the move that was just done, and ''he kicked out''. Wow, Tony, how long did you go to broadcasting school for? I could probably commentate better in this game than Mr Schiavone did.

Overall, the music and sound effects in WCW Nitro is decent, although, just like itse sequel Thunder, the commentary really isn't that good.

Gameplay/Control (0.1/10)
Dang, I hate this game. Its made even worse due to the fact that its named after a sorry wrestling show. And yes, that is bias, I hate WCW. But I also hate this game! First off, once you figure out how to do the moves, the game is reduced to the challenge level of beating Hulk Hogan-like levels. All you gotta do is walk up, power bomb, vertical suplex, rinse and repeat a few more times, 1,2,3. Wasnt that fun?

There really isn't that much play modes in the game, and there is no create a wrestler mode in the game. Of course, neither did any other WCW games until Mayhem, but that is no excuse because I believe this game came out after WWF Warzone, which featured a create a wrestler mode (and a good one, at that).

Overall, the gameplay and control in WCW Nitro for the Playstation is lousy!

Replay Value: Low
I'd rather watch the TV show

Challenge: Very Low
as easy as that Standards and Practices girl (oooh)

Overall (0.1/10)
It gets .1 point for existing. If you like stale boring games, get this. If not, then run!

''Tony Schiavone is a broadcasting genius!''
-Some drunk guy I was talking to

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 05/14/00, Updated 07/16/01

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