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"If having good gameplay was a job, this game would be unemployed for years..."

WWF Attitude has been hyped in the magazines for quite some time now. Boasting the ability to create your own wrestler, create your own pay per view, a career mode, and other such goodies, it is hard not to see why. Even though it is basically just a refined version of WWF Warzone, I still enjoy the game a lot. I remember waiting for this game to come out for something like 6 months. It was definitely one of my most wanted games, so when it came out, I definetly rented it.

However, when I finally got a chance to play it, my worst nightmare came true. This game is even worse than WWF Warzone, if you can believe that. It is simply a disgusting attempt at a wrestling game. The game uses a ''remixed'' version of the Warzone engine, and it's even worse this time out. Now, the moves are even more difficult to pull off, and the whole game engine is thrown off as a result. This is not a decent attempt at a game.

The graphics are much better than WWF Warzone, which featured dark and dreary backgrounds and less than average character designs. The graphics in Attitude are superb. First off, the ring looks a lot better than it usually does. Secondly, the characater and wrestler animation is great, as the game maintains a high frame rate. However, the game still uses the damn motion capture instead of hand drawings, which really slows down the speed and gameplay. This is my main complaint of an otherwise solid game. Also, there are much better lighting effects and the wrestlers are designed much better. Overall, the graphics in WWF Attitude aren't perfect but they're well done anyways.

First off, I gotta talk about the commentary in the game. I think the commentary in WWF Warzone was done just a tad bit better, but I still prefer the commentary in WWF Attitude. Why? Well, because Attitude has Jerry the King Lawler in it! His funny comments really add a lot of attitude (no pun intended). Some of the better quotes include ''If brains were a job, he'd be on welfare!'', and ''If you have them down on the ground, stomp them!''. I really am a big fan of Jerry Lawler's commentary work in both TV wrestling and in this game. Music isn't that great though, as the wrestlers still come out to the same old MIDI format. The MIDI format really takes away from the quality of the music in my opinion. WWF Attitude features all the crowd chants and wrestler taunts, including some funny ones from the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Overall, WWF Attitude has decent music and great sound effects.

Okay, this game uses the same button combination system that WWF Warzone used. I am not a big fan of this engine at all, because I have never quite been able to pull off every move when I wanted to. This has hurt me in big matches as well, because if I miss on a move attempt my opponent could come back and beat me. Overall, the control is decent if you liked the control featured in WWF Warzone.

This is where Attitude comes through. There are so much different modes it is hard to believe!!! There are several new modes, including a career mode where you can wrestle as a superstar for a whole career, from the time you start off to the time you retire!!! Can you win the WWF Championship? WWF Attitude uses Life bars instead of an Attitude meter. I am not going to get into a discussion about which I like better, because I like either one to tell you the truth. Also, there is a create a player mode, just like in the original Warzone. The mode is like the original Warzone's mode where you can edit certain features of a wrestler, everything from how much he weighs to what he wears. its great and definetly fun.

In my opinion, this is really the only advantage that Attitude has over Smackdown, because the create a wrestler mode in Smackdown really wasn't that good. Also, you can create your own pay per view in the new Pay Per View mode. And that doesn't even include all of the different types of matches you can have, everything from ladder matches to cage matches. There are a lot of different matches that can happen during season mode, ranging from 3 on 1 matches to Tag Team matches.

The season mode is good but could have been better in its orginazation. First off, you have to win 20 matches to win the European title, then 20 more to win the IC, then a lot more to win the WWF title. That's a lot of matches to win the belt, and it is unrealistic because in the TV show WWF you don't have to win a lot of matches before you get a title shot. Oh well, I am just nitpicking now.

The modes are great, but the game engine is absolutely pitiful and ruins any chance this game has of being successful. The moves are almost impossible to pull off, and the wrestling action suffers as a result. Also, the wrestlers move at such a snail like pace, you'd think they'd need to take a crap or something. It absolutely ruins the game completely and makes it worthless.

You'll be playing this game a lot, even if you have WWF Smackdown. With the great create a wrestler mode, you can create any wrestler (even ECW guys!) and have them win the WWF title in season mode. That's what I like to do (whew! I got Rob Van Dam to be WWF Champion!). Too bad the game engine completely ruins the experience, and with all the new wrestling games out, there is NO reason to play this.

The most challenging part of the game is season mode, because the computer likes to stick you in 3-on-1 matches. It gets really annoying after a while, because it is almost, if not, impossible to win 3-on-1 matches. Otherwise, the game is not a bad challenge. Most of the challenge comes with trying to pull off the moves. Remember, kids, complex button combinations = FUN!

I am a huge WWF fan and was disappointed with most of the previous video game efforts. This one is no different, with some of the worst graphics ever. The game engine is pitiful, and the lack of any sort of move set makes this game a surefire loser. If it wasn't for the awesome array of modes, it'd get a 1. It's that bad, and the modes are that good.

Good Points
-There are a wide variety of modes.
-Uh, the graphics aren't half bad.
-The create a wrestler mode rocks.

Not So Good Points
-Booker T's not in it, sucka.
-The game engine is just awful.
-The entrances suck.

I Run Down The Game.. Psycho Penguin Style!
Storyline - Not Available
Graphics - 7.1/10
Music - 8.2/10
Sound Effects - 9.1/10
Control - 9.2/10
Gameplay - 4.1/10
Replay Value - Below Average
Challenge - Average
Is This Game Worth A Purchase? - It's not 1999 any more, so no.
Overall - 4.2/10

The Bottom Line
This game is worthless, so let me show you the crowning achievement of this dismal game..

''If Brains were a job, he'd be on welfare!''
-Jerry ''The King'' Lawler in WWF Attitude

Yes, and if having any sort of gameplay was a job, this game would be far off worse...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/23/00, Updated 01/08/02

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