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Reviewed: 06/16/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Weird game, not as good as the previous games in the series


First off, let me say that Mega Man 8 is a good game that does the Mega Man series justice. im getting that off my chest right now because I'm about to sound like I hate this game. This game is not up to par with most of the other games in the series. I really enjoyed parts 5 through 7 but didn't enjoy this one not nearly as much.

I don't really know why that is, I mean Mega Man 8 is a lot like the other games in the series. I think the problem with this game is the fact that it has a VERY kiddy feel to it. Also, it has a very weird feeling to it. For instance, one of the stages has you in a circus for crying out loud! I remember an old Mega Man game on my dinky little PC that I used to play, and there was a circus stage also, but it didn't have the kiddy feel that this game does.

Overall, the game is still pretty fun to play, but it just is a little too weird and kiddy for my tastes. Since when did Mega Man become such a wuss anyways?

Graphics (7.8/10)

The graphics in this game are pretty good, yet very cartoony. Call it what you want (Nintendo syndrome), I call it a flaw. The previous games in the series weren't cartoony, so why make this game cartoony? I dunno. The graphics have this pastel look to them that I really don't like too much, but Im giving the game graphics a 8 because they are really good and the enemies are designed very nicely.

Backgrounds in the game are the major drawback, in my opinion. The first stage, for instance, has a very colorful, pastel look to it. There is nothing wrong with pastel backgrounds, unless you are talking about a Mega Man game. Pastel backgrounds do not belong in Mega Man games, Capcom! The backgrounds in some of the other stages are weird too. I admit they have a nice design to them, but the colors and pastel look to them really make me mad. Overall, the backgrounds are good, but you know why I don't like them.

Enemy and character designs in the game are great as well. First off, let me remind you that Capcom likes to use the same enemies in a lot of the Mega Man games. For instance, them damn hard hat enemies. Therefore, you are not going to see a lot of creativity here. What you are going to see are a lot of nicely designed enemies that look great, even the vile hard hat enemies look great ^_^. Overall, the enemy and character designs in the game are great.

Overall, the graphics in Mega Man 8 are pretty good. I like the enemy and character designs, and the backgrounds are good, to a certain extent. I wish that Capcom chose a different background style than the pastel look, because in my opinion it does not fit the Mega Man series. That is the major flaw to the graphics, in my opinion.

Music/Sound (6.2/10)

The music and sound effects in the Mega Man series always have to be good, in my opinion. Therefore, if a new Mega Man game is released, I expect it to have good music by default, mainly because I expect that out of the Mega Man series and Capcom. So did Capcom deliver? Yes, to a certain extent. They did not improve on the music (in fact they made it worse in my opinion) and the sound effects were improved somewhat.

Music in the game was a disappointment to me. I thought that since Mega Man 8 was going to be on the Playstation, a console known for great music, that the game was going to have great music. Unfortunately, Capcom failed to deliver improved music. In fact, some of the music in this game downright sucks. I have the first stage music stuck in my head right now, and let me tell you, it is not a good feeling. I think the biggest problem with the music in this game is the fact that it really does sound too kiddy. Since when did the Mega Man series have kiddy music? I wanna hear some techno! Overall, the music in the game is a big disappointment.

Sound effect wise, the sound effects in the game are actually decent, which is more than could be said about the music in the game. I like the voice acting in the game to a certain extent, of course Mega Man does sound kiddy. Which fits right in with the whole kiddy feel of the game. Other than that, the sound effects are decent, especially the sounds of the various gunfire. Overall, the sound effects are decent.

Overall, the music and sound effects in Mega Man 8 are a mixed bag. On one hand, you have the decent sound effects. On the other hand, you have the messed up kiddy music that sounds more like a Pokemon game than a Mega Man game. Oh well, the whole game is kiddy anyways.

Control (8.3/10)

The control in the game is pretty solid as well. You can't climb up walls or do other stuff like that in Mega Man 8, though, which I understand but still it gets annoying. Sometimes i think I'm playing Mega Man X4 and I try to clim the wall and die. Very frustrating. Still, the control is pretty decent. Except for those few rare occasions which I already mentioned.

Gameplay (5.8/10)

The gameplay in the game is decent. It's like other Mega Man games where the order of beating the bosses is very important. It is important because after defeating a boss, you gain that bosses weapon. Certain bosses have weaknesses for certain weapons, making them easier to kill. There is a lot of startegy involved. Also, you have to collect bolts, which act as money. Using the bolts, you can buy special stuff from Dr. light. Very cool.

Unfortunately, those are really the only cool parts of the game. Other than collecting the bolts to buy stuff, there really isn't much new. And that really isn't new either, seeing as how you could do the same exact thing in Mega Man 7. I wouldn't be complaining about lack of innovation had the game been fun, but guess what, the game isn't fun!

Overall, I don't know what it is about this game, but it just isn't very fun. It is a lot like the other games in the series, but it just seems to stale by now I guess. The kiddy feel of the game does not help the appeal out, either.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value: Medium

Like I have already mentioned enough times, the game is really too kiddy for my tastes. I prefer a more ''mature'' Mega Man game, for instance, Mega Man X4. Still, the game may have decent replay value, especially if you enjoyed Mega Man 7 a lot, because the game is a lot like Mega Man 7. Overall, average replay value.

Challenge: Hard

Yes, this is a challenging game, to say the least. The main problem I have with this game is collecting all of the secret stuff, as well as beating some of the bosses in the game. Some of the bosses could get to be quite tough. The stages are pretty difficult as well, I remember one in the second half of the game which had you push all these switches, it was difficult. Overall, this is a challenging game.

Rent or Buy?

This game is now under the ''Greatest Hits'' Label so you can buy it for 20 bucks at most stores. Defiently a bargain, and if you're a collector or Mega Man fan, you should get this game

Good Points

-It's a Mega Man game!
-I like buying weapons and add ons, it adds variety to the game.
-The cover is pretty neat.

Bad Points

-It's a very kiddy game.
-Pastel backgrounds do not fit well in this series.
-The challenge level of the game is really high.

Overall (5.6/10)

Mega Man 8 is very fun, yet weird. This game is much more cartoony than the previous games in the series, and I can't
understand why Capcom would go that route. Regardless, it's still a Mega Man game, and that means it's pretty good. There's only one terrible Mega Man game and this isn't it. Worth at least a rental.

''Why does this game seem like a Barney game?''
-My friend, after playing Mega Man 8

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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