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"Great recreation of the arcade classic."

Ok. Weve all heard of Silent Scope the great arcade game. And also its sequel Silent Scope 2 which will be hitting stores sometime in summer as Ive been told. Anyway, most of us (at least I did) never expected to see SS on a console. (Id like to see Carnevil on ps2 but it probably wont happen). This review is for those of you who arent sure about Silent Scope without the gun and also for people who, like myself, hate Dreamcast and its version.

Gameplay: Silent Scopes gameplay without the gun is new, but fairly easy to learn. Its something that can be mastered in a day so dont worry. Its not like some of the old psx shooters, where your pretty much screwed without a gun. No, although a sniper rifle for Silent Scope would be great, youll be fine without it. Id give Gameplay for SS an 8.

Audio/Video: A true sense that your really there, Silent Scopes Graphics and sound are exceptional. Its like Military sniper training in the privacy of your own home. Not much more to be said. An easy 9. I would give it a 10 but the future of ps2 games will go beyond Silent Scope.

Storyline: The story for Silent Scope is pretty much what everybodys used to. The president and his family have been kidnapped by terrorists and you have to save them. But not all games greatness is based on its story. Some games are popular because of graphics, sound, replayability etc. Take Timesplitters for example. Great game, but not the best story. For SS Id give story a 4.

Replayability: Silent Scope is one of those games that youll play for a few hours at a time and then give up for a few days. But after a day or two, youll want to play it again because of its unique style of play. Id like to guarantee that you wont go more then a month without playing it but I dont know what kinds of games EVERYBODY likes. So Id give replayability a 7.

To rent or not to rent: With the rage of ps2 at the moment, and the fact that most of us have experienced both SS games in the arcade, I would suggest simply buying Silent Scope. Its got a new original mode thatll keep you happy just incase you get bored with story mode after awhile. Just my opinion, but I dont think its worth renting. No rating for obvious reasons.

Overall: Silent Scope is a great FPS that will keep most people wanting for more. Its multiple modes and new original mode will provide hours of fun each time you play. The realistic scenery and excellent sound give you the feeling your really there and its a very fast paced game. Overall, Id give Silent Scope a 7 and Im sure its sequel SS2 will be at least that good.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/16/01, Updated 02/16/01

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