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The PS2 sleeper hit of the year, a must have adventure game!!03/07/01cfehrman
You died! Well done11/12/01cst1fe
Don't let this game become part of your Memory...09/16/02Danny213
Sony's own Shenmue?04/01/01danza86
One of the best games for the PS206/27/03Donald Love 87
"An adventure game back by murder mystery"08/02/06fatalframe202
A good mystery and puzzle game03/21/01Final Id
A refreshing change, but not for everyone.01/20/04FunkyMoe
A complex multi-ending adventure game, which makes a bid for your attention with stunning atmospherics and a cleverly threaded plotline. It fails11/10/01Future Gamer
A very interesting and unique game03/10/01Greatest One
A great game! Don't miss it.08/28/03Kaiden
Almost like a Shadowgate Advanced.02/21/02KasketDarkfyre
Deceptively Simple, yet hauntingly beautiful03/11/01Lucifer
This game is fun until you beat it...in three hours.05/10/01Majin Magus
Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Revolver...wait, wrong game.02/21/02Mooglelicious
A semi-interactive mini-novel. And it's not even a good mini-novel...05/10/01PhoenixUltima
This game will stick in my memory for a long time10/28/03Randomer
Shenmue, eat your heart out.08/04/02Savoots
A excellent game with only a few noticeable flaws.03/13/01staringmonkey
Who could´ve thought that a non action game could be so intense?03/12/03Steven Tyler
The story is alright, but everything else is at best mediocre.02/20/08TheMadcapLaughs
More of an interactive movie than a game, but nonetheless extremely entertaining07/01/02VdeBoule
A new and refreshing take on a different genre07/22/03whitestripes

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