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Reviewed: 10/28/03

This game will stick in my memory for a long time

Here is what happens right at the start of this game:

One day a man named Eike Kush walked out of a café in a quiet German town. He checked his watch. He walked down the street. It was quiet, no one was around.

As he was walking he was stabbed in the back…

He wakes up in a strange dream world. A mysterious voice gives him the chance to cheat fate. This is where the adventure Begins.
Shadow of memories takes place in one town. The goal of the game is to keep Eike alive long enough to cheat his fate.
Shadow of memories is a very emotional and engrossing game. To find out why it is so good… Read on.

This game has a very simple control system and is easy to get the hang of. Using a strange Item called a digipad you must move Eike through different time periods. From the 1500’s to 2001. At the start of each level Eike is murdered. His is given the chance by the strange voice to go into the past and avoid his fate. Clues come from all around the town. Only a few of the buildings are open for exploration, but this makes finding clues easier. The game is very easy to play. Some of the time puzzles do need thinking about, but many are easy to work through. Another thing that is worth mentioning. This game works in real time. Normally you have 30mins to finish a level before you die. You have your digipad, which you can move between times with. However you must return to the present before the hour of your death come, otherwise you will cause a paradox. (One of those universe destroying thingies)

The basic story was explained in the introduction. I want to avoid revealing too much the mysterious voice keeps your character alive, so there are few game overs. There are many twists and plots to this game. Another thing worth mentioning is that the game has many alternate endings, which means that new twists will always appear.

This game has great graphics; the city is very well detailed. It is an ageing game but the cut scenes still impress me. The game has a lot of beautiful cut scenes. The voice acting is also very good, the characters mouths move in harmony with the words they say. The soundtrack really sets the mood at the time. There are a few sound and graphic glitches in the game but these are minor and probably won’t be noticed. One annoying problem is that Eike makes annoying panting noises after running a certain distance. This may be realistic but it is still annoying. If you stop him for a split second he is suddenly fine.

Play Time:
One thing that needs to be mentioned is that a lot of this game is cut scenes. This can mean that it feels like an interactive movie. I found finding all the endings very addictive. One finished you will probably not want to play it again until you begin to forget what happens in it. It took me about 10 hours to finish it completely but it can take a lot longer.

I give this game 9/10. It should however be rented before brought as some may absolutely hate it. It is quite cheap now but finding it may be a little bit of a problem. I picked up my copy new for £10. It is an amazing story for anyone who wants a game that does not really require the player to be constantly on the ball and active. It is slow paced and engrossing. It can feel like you are just watching a movie sometimes, but movie or not, it is defiantly worth the cash.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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