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"Devil May Cry - Swords + Guns = Fun?"


The first time I ever saw an advertisement for Devil May Cry, I honestly didn't care about it. I thought that the main character, Dante, looked strange. I also didn't like the gothic theme the game had. Then, I kept hearing every talking about how great the game was. I looked at some more screenshots, read some more news about it, I still didn't think it was more than a Superman 64. Then, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X came out. I went to pick it up and discovered that it had the Devil May Cry demo with it. I took the game home and popped in Devil May Cry first. From that moment on, I was hooked. I played the demo for three hours straight. Waiting, for the full version to come out. Now, it has, and I'm not disappointed in the least.

Graphics: 10/10

One of the highpoints of the game. The graphics are awesome. The backgrounds are wonderfully detailed and the character models perfectly textured. Above that, the game runs at a constant 40-60 frames per second, so there's never any slowdown. All the cut scenes are done in real time. That's surprising, because they look really good. The enemies are wonderfully detailed too. Of course, you don't get much of a look at them because the action is so fast paced, but they really do have great character models. Some people dismiss the PlayStation 2 because some of the games have ''jaggies'' caused by the PS2's hardware. Well, those people can rejoice, because this game almost has no jaggies, at least none that you can really notice. The backgrounds are also crisp and clear, not blurry and hard to look at as some people say.

Game Play: 10/10

And people say great graphics can't be accompanied by great gameplay. Everything about this game play is top notch. For the majority of the game, you will have a sword on your back and a gun in your hand. You can use both of them to make creative combos. You can lunge your sword into the enemy, throw him up, and put a couple pounds of lead into his body. That's the combo that Devil May Cry has been made famous for. Jumping is easy and the control placement is perfect. As you kill enemies, you're ''Devil Trigger Gauge'' will begin to fill up. When it's completely full, you can press L1 to turn into a demon form! Dante moves quicker and attacks stronger. The power runs out when you're Devil Trigger goes down to zero. There are also lots of bosses throughout the game. They're all pretty cool. The only problem is the camera sometimes gets a little weird and can disorient you for a few seconds. As you do weapon combos, you will be given ratings. Things like ''Dull, Cool, Awesome'' will give you an idea of how good your combo really is. There are only two primary weapons that you will probably be using throughout the game. those are the Alastor, a sword, and Ifrit, a pair of firey gauntlets sent from hell.

Music: 10/10

The music only adds to the greatness that this game is. The gothic type music adds to the creepyness of the castle. Then, as soon as you run into a horde of enemies, the music switches over to a fast action paced beat that gets your heart moving. The sound effects are really something as well. The puppet enemies will scrape across the floor as they move, and their razor sharp blades will clank together. As Dante jump kicks off a wall, he will breathe a sigh of exhaustion. The enemies will sometimes growl at you as they charge towards you. Even the character voices are well done. The voices fit their appearance and personality perfectly.

Story: 9/10

This is the down point of the game. There isn't much of a story to tell about. Basically, Dante owns a business named ''Devil May Cry'' where he kills demons for anyone willing to pay the hefty fee. Then, one night, he gets a visitor. A girl named Trish. She plays a big part throughout the game. She takes you to a castle where a great evil will rise up from the netherworld and take over the human realm. She needs your help. Well, you end of going. Once in the castle, it's basically one concept. Get through the puzzles and missions. Sometimes, before a mission, there will be a cut scene. The cut scenes very rarely tell anything. Sometimes, you might not even know what's going on. There are a lot of plot twists and only playing through the game will allow you to discover them.

Rent/Buy: Buy

You will not regret buying this game. Capcom has gone to great lengths to make everything about this game cool. Once you beat it on normal, you'll unlock hard mode, beating that, will unlock an even harder mode. You'll eventually end up with a mode that you can be in Devil Trigger mode all the time. Also, for every mission, you get ranked on how fast you complete it. It goes from D Rank to S Rank, S being the best. On top of the 23 regular missions, there are 10 secret missions hidden throughout the castle. It'll take all your skill, or at least most of it to find and complete all these secret missions. This game will keep you playing for a while to come.

Last Comment: This game's so great, even the Devil May Cry out of sheer happiness.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/01, Updated 07/31/03

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