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The vanilla GTA experience. You can't go wrong with vanilla.08/28/09BigCj34
It defined a generation and created a genre - How does it hold up? (A GTA Retrospective)07/06/10BloodGod65
Immature, antisocial, obscene and fun as hell. Boy, what messed up world we live in.10/21/04Braben
Now this is how you bring a series into 3D07/30/13CaliGamer25850
Modern day crime has never been this fun05/29/04Casanova973
Speaking of 10 out of 1003/19/03Cybiolink8000
It's no coincidence why so many pick this as Game of the Year.01/02/02DJellybean
If you can find this aged gem, BUY IT!!!10/08/07edboy7
It's still a great game even though the other 2 GTA games are already out.07/07/05fabio1021
Perfection is so close in 'Grand Theft Auto 3'...02/09/03Garbol Shora
Add GTA3 to the list of growing must own PS2 titles12/29/01Gruel
One of the best games EVER.05/11/03Happybuddha311
My Hands Are All Messed Up, So You Better Type, Brother03/02/06horror_spooky
A Mafia Game To Remember. (Possible Spoilers)07/06/05I_AM_JASON
It'll change the way you think.08/30/07Jerec
Not for the faint of heart.08/23/11KeyBlade999
The third game in the series. But is it as third as the previous games? Click here to find out!12/11/01KingBroccoli
A life of crime.08/29/07Korubi
You do ‘dis for me . . . and I’ll make you a made man . . .08/04/02matt91486
Two games for the price of one01/26/02MaxH
This game has amazing qualities that have never been seen before.02/03/04Mortortex
Do you have what it takes to take on a whole city?04/06/03NES4EVER
When you play a game this good, you feel humbled by it05/31/11roadlizard
This is Easily the Greatest Game to Date.11/22/03SaLvAToreRulz
It lives up to the hype.03/23/03Shady
Grand Theft Auto III Is The Definition Of Crime Simulator01/20/03THAguyINgta3
Best of the three to date.03/11/08TheLastAvatar05

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I better not start worshipping my PS2 like LordAtomic!11/11/01Aristotle
Grand Theft Auto III insists upon itself.09/26/14Asgardian724
Words cannot express my love of this game11/05/01axelthedark
Car Crime - Together we'll jack it!11/03/01cst1fe
DMA and Rockstar and unstopable...10/26/01Distal_Pistol
You wanna live the life of criminal? Here's you chance to do it YOUR way!10/23/01don corino
Seven Years Later and It's Still One of the Best!01/17/08fullyslik
Liberty City: The Game Changer11/26/14GamerGuy2014
One of those rare games that deserves a perfect score10/24/01Greatest One
An Adequate Game, Worth a try03/30/09hoopstarpro
Very disapointed...that I won't get any sleep from now until the day I die from lack of food and water.10/23/01Jamie Magic Pants
This has to be a brilliant game, Because when I first played it, my dad said 'You can turn that thing off!'11/03/01Lagunathemoron
The most Daring step in the history of gaming10/25/01limpbizkitcshdfw
Quite possibly the most fun ever?10/22/01lordpenquin
GTA3 will grab you by the balls and will not let go.10/24/01NeoGamer
Best Game Ever! Seriously...10/22/01Not Frontin
A malevolently entertaining game11/17/01PContaminator
Grand Theft Auto 3 is a masterpiece10/26/01pimpster
Unparallelled Immersion12/05/01Ploder
Keep spending most of their lives livin' in a gangsta's paradise05/08/13SquallEX8
Lying, cheating and stealing into the history books10/24/01Sunrie
Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme That Which I Desire!01/18/03Tastii
Finally, an ass-kicking Homicide Simulator10/24/01TerranRedneck
10/23/01 The day the perfect game was showed to the world!!!!10/23/01TwistedMetalBlack
Nice, but not good......12/21/07zhuge_liang_

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