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"The Tortoise and the Pebble"

Introduction - First off let me give a quick explanation about the title of this review (Aside that it's a fable in the game), I personally feel that this game is 10 times better then FFX, The story goes as follows, there is a tortoise who has an egg roll away and instead thinks a pebble is it's egg. Well, the true egg is Okage, a shining gem of true RPG, while the pebble is FFX, an illusion that is instantly hailed as a great game just because of it's title, despite how good or bad the game might be. Now on to the review...

Gameplay - This is a wonderful game that brings back a lot of old school RPG memories. It's simplistic and quite difficult battles that give more of a challenge then most other RPGs, and has basic dungeon crawling & leveling up system (Which is very easy to level up). The controls are also very easy and simple, as well as the battle system. However at the very beginning it may seem insanely easy, but once it picks up to the 3rd dungeon, the dungeon system becomes very advanced. Also, I suppose I should mention that the monsters are visible IE Grandia style.

Story - The basic idea goes as follows, a young boy (Default Name is Ari), is a simple young boy whom nobody really even notices and is always picked on. One day his dad brings home a mysterious lamp that a circus ringmaster dropped. Ari goes to the annual fair, and when he's on his way home his sister is attacked by a ghost and is given the curse of pig Latin! So they quickly return home and talk to his dad, they decide to use the lamp to help his sister. He does a little demon ritual and he summons forth the most evil of demons, Evil King Stan! However the only problem is Stan needs a body to be his host, and thus the entire family is shadow tested, and only Ari is approved. So Ari becomes a host to cure his sister’s pig Latin and is on a quest of world domination with the Evil King Stan.

Audio/Video - The Music is phenomenal, as well as the Graphics. The Music was always pleasing to the ears and really set the mood, I personally would definitely buy the OST to this game. The Character Design is marvelous; it's a mix of anime and Tim Burton Claymation. Even though it may not have the amazing split-second loading or background FMV scenes like Final Fantasy X, the areas around you are very pleasing to the eyes.

Replayability - This game would definitely be worth playing again. However once again compared to FFX it doesn't have the customizing options that FFX to make each new game unique, however I personally wouldn't mind replaying Okage one or two more times.

To buy or to rent? - I bought the game; however even after reading my review if you’re afraid of wasting money, then rent the game. But for the hardcore RPGer, this is definitely a game to add to your collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/02, Updated 02/02/02

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