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"Finally, great game play mixed with great graphics"

To tell you truth, I wasn't really looking forward to this game. I played the demo a few times and didn't care about it much. Then, when it wwas released, I guess I fell into the hype and I got the game. Let me tell you. I cannot believe I wasn't looking forward to it. It has filled in a gap left by other games like Zone of the Enders. This game is everything it was hyped up to be, and more. But perhaps I didn't spoil myself by looking all over the net for information, etc. I've been getting tired of the games where you run around killing people, also known as; Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto III. Now, Metal Gear Solid 2 comes along, and it offers something a little different. The objective isn't to go around gun crazy, you're supposed to be stealthy and sneak past everyone. Well, that was a good enough introduction, on to the review!

Game Play - 10/10
I want to give this game a 15/10! The game play is spectacular. Sure, you may say what's so fun about sneaking around guards. And there is nothing fun about sneaking around guards, it's fun finding new ways to do it. You can knock on a wall to make a little tap noise. A nearby guard will come to investigate further. If he sees wet footprints, he'll follow them until he finds the maker of them, or they disappear. If you're bleeding, you'll leave a trail of blood and guards will follow that too. If you stay out in the cold too long, your character may catch the flu. If you don't administer medicine, he'll sneeze. That's not good when you're trying to be stealthy. You can also sneak up on a guard, and whip out your gun. The character will yell 'FREEZE' and the guard will put his hands up in the air. You can have lots of fun this way. An improvement made upon the Metal gear Solid for PlayStation One, is that now you can fire your gun in a first person perspective. This makes the gun fights much easier, and funner. If, for whatever reason, you have to take out a guard, try not to shoot him with a real gun. Even if you drag the body away (yes you can hide bodies in lockers, throw them into water, etc.) it will leave a blood stain on the ground that other guards will see and call for back up. the guard that you took out also might have to report in every couple of minutes, so, if he doesn't a search party is sent. So see, while the game is centered around stealth, not mindless shooting, it's still pretty damn fun.

Graphics - 10/10
Whoa. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. Everything looks SO good! For the first part of the game, you play on a huge Tanker. It's raining out. Those rain effects are some of the best eevr seen! How the water droplets hit everything and realistically bounce off. If you look up in first person view, you can see the water smacking into the screen. If you walk inside when you're wet, you can see all of the water dripping of the character. As you run, the hair sways back and forth. Most of the environments are interactive as well. If you shoot at a fire extinguisher, the hose will fly around shooting gas everywhere. If there's a guard nearby, it will faze and distract him. If you shoot a hot water pipe, then of course hot water will come squirting into the face of whoever the unlucky onpasser is. During gun fights, little parts of leaves may be clipped away from passing bullets. It really is somethign you have to see for yourself. Everybody complains that the level of interactivity drops in the second area of th egame, but that's not true. there's just less for them to do. You can still shoot fire extinguishers, hot water pipes, if you shoot ketchup bottles, it'll leave a nice little mess on the floor. If you get killed while in first person mode, you will see the last bullet come at you and crack your screen. If you fire at smebody at close range, the blood will spray onto your screen, and you can watch it drip down, or go back to third person view. All of the ffects that were thrown into this game are must see for ANY gamer.

Sound/Music - 9/10
The game has the musical composer of 'The Rock' and 'Armegeddon' You KNOW it'll be good. The music keeps you on your feet. It makes you intrigued. It makes you fall into the game. All i can say is that they had great music in most spots of the game. There are afew spots however, that are just plain weird and out of place. The sound effects are also top notch. You can ehar your footsteps when running over a grate; but so can all the guards aroudn you. You can hear the water dripping off you onto the floor. All of the voice acting in the game was done pretty well too. A lot of chararacters return from the original Metal Gear Solid with the same voice actor. There are also a lot of new faces, but don't worry, the voice actors were cast great.

Rent/Buy - Buy
This is a great game. I wont give you details about the story, because i don't want to spoil anything. Lets just leave it at a simple; it has complicated storyline with alot of plot twists throughout the way. The replay value on the game is okay. Not the greatest, but it will have you coming back to play a few more times. You can also collect dog tags. You know, the things that soldiers war around their necks so they can be identified when they die? Well, you can go around collecting the guards' dogtags. You need to go through all five difficulties to get them all, but you get rewarded when you've collected enough. You can get stealth mode, infinate ammo, you name it. Just try not to read the instruction booklet, unless you've already found out a lot of information about the game, because it holds some pretty big spoilers.

Closing Comment - I need scissors! 61!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/01/02, Updated 07/31/03

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