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"A game worthy of the name: Star Wars"


One of the selling points of Starfighter has got to be the fact that it's a Star Wars game. Sure, there haven't been too many good games based on the franchise, but the popularity of Episode 1 must have at least sold a couple thousand copies of this game. Not that that's a bad thing. It's a decent game. It's just that I enjoyed previous Starwars console games, such as Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo, much better than this game. I think that this game was rushed in order to meet the deadline for the launch of the PlayStation 2, but that's just me. With all that being said, lets get on to the review.

Graphics: 7

Don't get me wrong. The graphics in this game are awesome. Just not exactly up to standards with other PS2 games. The FMV cut scenes, however, are amazing! In game graphics however, aren't exactly as great. The ship models are all smooth for the most part. With a few jaggies here and there. The frame rate usually stays at a constant 40-50 frames per second, unless you just sit there and let enemies pile up on the screen without killing them. There are two camera modes that you will be using. First person and third person. I've never liked the first person views in these types of games, and this game is no different what so ever. I happen to prefer being able to see how close my ship is to the ground without using trial and error to test. I guess another thing that could belong under graphics is that there are three different ship models that are playable. I like this. In other games, they'll give you up to 15 playable models, but they all handle the same and look the same. Not in this case.

Game Play: 7

The game play is not great by any standards. The controls are hard to perfect. You need to use both analog sticks to control your ship. In some ways, this is good, in others, it gets confusing in trying to figure out which analog stick to use. This isn't good when you have to make split second decisions. You also have three different ships to control throughout the game, as I mentioned earlier. Each of the three ships is controlled by a different pilot. The story revolves around these pilots and how their lives intertwine. Each of the three ships controls differently and has different weapons. For most of the missions, you will encounter something you must destroy. Whether it be a building or an enemy, there is always something to destroy. I believe there are fourteen missions for you to fly through. Depending on how fast you complete each mission, you will be rewarded with a medal. Bronze is for a slow time, silver is for an okay time and gold is for a really fast time. To get the medals, you also have to complete special mission objectives like saving a certain building, etc.

Sound/Music: 8

I always hate this section. I always have to make fun of a game. Not as much in this game though. First, I'll start out with the sound effects. They're all pretty good. Laser bursts sound like they're straight out of the movies. Every once in a while, if you shoot a fellow good guy, he will yell at you in a crisp, clear voice. If you smash into the ground, it sounds like metal scraping across rock, which in most cases, is exactly what it is. That's about all I can say for the sound effects. The music is about as good as the sound effects. In almost every level, it is a fast paced beat. It gets your adrenaline pumping as you fly throughout the level avoiding enemy blasts and trying to complete your objectives.

Rent/Buy: Rent

This is one of the first games I'd have to say to rent first. It just isn't that great. After you beat it once, you can always go on to other difficulties, but I just didn't want to. There is almost zero replay value in this game. There are a couple of bonus missions, etc to play after you get certain medals, but that's it. It just isn't a game that after I beat, I want to pick up and play through again. On top of that, i beat it in a three-day rental! So do yourself a favor. Rent it for a few dollars instead of rushing out and possibly wasting money on paying full version.

Last Comments: It's not that great! Rent first!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/27/01, Updated 07/31/03

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