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The pinnacle of modern storytelling - 2 year anniversary review (spoilers - updated)07/19/10aksolid
This. Is. Living.06/23/08ChateauNoir
There's no need for a witty tagline on this one06/19/08CrimsonGear80
Metal Gear Messup07/21/08dkolb87
Metal Gear Sermon (This is not a worthy succesor to Metal Gear Solid 3)06/27/08Kiron216
The Pinnacle of MGS Gameplay, Plagued By Inconsistent Design That Has the Bulk of the Gameplay in Act 1 and 2, and Bulk of the Cutscenes In Acts 3-506/23/08Sanjuro2
I want to like it more but MGS4 seems to do everything it can to be irritating despite it's good points06/23/08TheAm4zingLarry
An Unmissable Story, An Unmissable Game06/24/08xDarksidegohanx
A great ending to the MGS series09/02/08BlackbeltB
A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again09/14/09bluej33
A remarkable combination of deep gameplay, captivating narrative, memorable bosses and prime audio-visual presentation.06/01/10bruno_fmenedes
A fitting close to Solid Snake's legendary tale.03/22/10CChan
Not flawless, but undoubtedly a masterpiece.09/15/08chelseaboy12
They don't make games like they used to. This is one exception.06/24/08Cremdogz
A superb end to one of videogame's greatest characters.06/23/08Crofty
The only possible thing that could keep you from enjoying this game is if you have an intolerance for the frequent cutscenes.07/01/08D E E G S
Awe Inspiring. Ecstatic. Orgasmic. Beatiful. Hardcore. Astounding. All In One.07/12/08D-Camo
Metal Gear Solid 4: The Last One, Definitely This Time06/29/10David Newton
This is a good game, but Metal Gear Solid 3 was the best one of them all.09/25/08DavidFath
Carry on, my wayward son...05/19/09discoinferno84
All good things must come to an end01/04/13Donald Love 87
The Long and Winding Road.04/07/10Edge578
A Metal Gear masterpiece.07/07/08Evil Dave
After beating Metal Gear Solid 4, I came to this conclusion: Needs more cut-scenes.09/25/08Exodist
The final explosive chapter in the Metal Gear Solid legend06/30/08EZ_Company
Is Solid Snake's swan song music to our ears?06/29/08Lemmerman
War has changed. You will too.06/20/08Lsnake
Heaps of wasted potential, but still fantastic.07/10/08Mad_Ogre
MGS4: Cringe-worthy melodrama at its finest!08/25/08Malapropism
War has changed.02/12/14nastynate3118
MGS3 > MGS1 > MGS4 > MGS209/10/10neonreaper
The best game a PS3 gamer will ever own05/17/12nwowwe723
Everything wrong about the MGS series in one single product03/02/16Ofisil
It's a game that's like a movie, and a blast for fans and newcomers alike.06/19/08Rune
MGS 4 is like a quirky movie with interactive segments.06/25/08T0by_the_great
This is good, isn't it? ...Wait, is it?02/16/10Tarrun
An Excellent MGS game that wraps up the series .12/23/08TheLastAvatar05
Now THIS is how you close out a series.03/29/11UltimaterializerX
Why Don't you take a Break? You've been playing for move than 5 hours.......06/23/08ZeroSkerbo
Please don't give us a MGS5, this is the perfect ending for the series!05/11/09Zylo the wolf

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
The legend, The epic, The spoiler free review06/17/08cbt711
More a interactive movie than a game06/19/08CoolCatFish34
CG "B" Movie with a short good game thrown in06/16/08lonewolf2877
I'm saying wow, but not in a good way06/18/08Zipp_Dementia
The Best Game of this generation.07/09/09ar15killa
Hideo Kojima contends that videogames are not art. This review disagrees.09/02/08Axel7174
An epic conclusion to one of the best franchises of all time09/08/08BlackDoomShadow
Solid Snake's Last Episode10/01/09Boni Boy Blue
They truly were saving the best for last...04/28/09cj2021
A Solid finale to a great series, but does it do it justice?06/16/08daemonx3
Takes you for a roller coaster ride, and leaves you begging for more06/17/08Dave521
Solid Game, Liquid Consistency06/16/08EBwizDX
Metal Gear Fan-Service 4 (or Creative Suicide for Dummies)02/09/15El_Nombre
In his final battle, our Hero stands alone!03/19/10EpicKingdom_
I am a hero, always is, always will be03/24/10Ethenia
A Memorable Sendoff for a Legendary Hero06/17/08Final Eclipse
Uh... Is There A Game Here?06/30/08Gestapoid
A mature improvement on the last two games by far.06/19/08Gixah
MGS4 a truely Oscar game achievement06/18/08GMFarmer
Metal Gear Solid IV is the final chapter for Snake and his crew.06/25/08gtr06
Moar Liek "Metal Gear Kickass 4: Guns of the Awesome" Amirite?04/27/09Haz4rd
Welcome to the Twilight Zone.05/14/15iammostacrook
" my final (and finest) mission."06/17/08Kayia
Solid Snake's final mission...06/16/08KGB_USSR
An impressive bridge between oldschool and modern gaming.04/13/17Modranto
Seriously Kojima? This is the best you could do?08/13/10no2morro
This game is basically crazy good!!!06/19/08Ocelot529
Everything we wanted, just not at all in the way we expected06/19/08originalvoice
MGS 4 has become the seventh 'perfect' game in my collection, with a catch, that I've played in the last 29 years.01/19/10Starving Poet
One purely for the fanboys07/08/09tyran55
Achievement in every way12/18/08WrinklePump
Movie? Game? Answer: An Experience PS3 Owners Need02/15/13Xodyak

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
Solid Snake's final mission. Does it live up to hype?06/13/08Freakwave003
Simply amazing...06/16/08Killer_Haseo
Guns of the Patriots is absolutely flawless!06/16/081gabriel
Don't listen to the nay-sayers, this game is AWESOME.06/16/088Nicholas8
Metal gear Awesome!06/23/09akizzle83
I have no words left...01/21/09antunesaa
Amazingly detailed both through graphics and storyline!07/28/08AznPride808
MGS4's storyline can stand toe-to-toe to an Oscar-winning movie with an amzingly versatile gameplay.07/27/09BabblingGamer
Simply the Best.07/29/08blahblahmanzor
A perfect finale.......06/16/08bugkill1sf
A disappointment.09/15/08Bymyteh
Courage is Solid!! (Spoiler-Free)06/18/08cheeseface_1234
Metal Gear series goes out on a very high note06/30/08chuckwaters1
The Long Awaited MGS4 Is here...06/16/08Crimson_Merc
MGS4 and MGO... Does it live up?06/13/08CrimsonStriderX
Good thing I didn't buy into all the hype...06/16/08crs420
A great end to probably one of the most innovative series of all time06/23/08Darkcloud223
Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game that the PS3 has to offer.07/09/09el_rika
The Definitive Playstation 3 Exclusive07/23/08Fadesofblack
The Best Game I Have EVER PLAYED!!!!06/20/08fredfredburger9
An Incredible game you will not be willing to miss.06/26/08game_break
Back story tribute in Kojima's final mgs (final in the timeline)07/09/09godsolidus83
Metal Gear Torpid: Guns Of The Tedious09/20/10Grammarazi
PS3 Seller06/26/08gryphenix
A tragedy that rivals Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet08/12/09HEATH_the_JOKER
Metal Gear Solid 4 - A review04/12/10HristoSK9
Fans will rejoice, but newcomers to the series will have trouble.06/24/08hyruledood64
An Amazingly Epic Conclusion06/16/08Iamyourboo2
Amzing game w/ awesome graphics!08/04/08IronZell
Solid gameplay, just some issues with flow that keep it from being outstanding...06/13/08Kiddythe1
BROTHER ! ITS NOT OVER ! NOT YET !!!06/17/08Kreepshow
The closest anyone can get to gaming perfection in any generation.07/06/09leak_man
Metal Gear Solid 4 offers the best single player experience ever made in videogames07/07/08lordshodan
Stunning Story offsets Deja Vu Gameplay06/13/08MattFrey
Gaming Perfection(SPOILER FREE)06/16/08Megathorn22
My God, Hideo. Who are you?06/16/08Mesiarp
Best game ever08/05/08metalgear-s
Not the best in the series.06/16/08Nafzger
A glorious final mission for Snake06/16/08Nev
This is beyond being a game, a movie, an experience. This is Snake.07/01/08nknknnk
A Very Flawed Very Good Game10/27/08Oceans46
Konami does it again with a masterpiece for the ages03/25/09omegajustice
Snake makes his grand exit in MGS4, and it lives up to the rest of the series.06/16/08osirisbunnyfoo
[REVIEW] Push Select Button08/31/10OuendanCyrus
Without doubt the GREATEST GAME of ALL time !!!06/16/08OverlordCIass
ACTIVATE IT!!!06/23/08Pur3evil666
The epic saga ends in an epic way02/19/10raduuu30
The Final Showdown10/13/08Ryosal
This game deserves more than a 4/10.06/16/08slyfox124
Pretty Good Coming From a MGS Fan01/13/10Smileytin
MGS the greatest story ever told06/16/08SolidGTA06
This game is definetely worth it.10/17/08SoraOwnsAll
MGS4 is not the best....but almost.08/20/08SUICUNEMASTER
A soild game full of substance with the right amount of gear06/16/08supermanseatgrab
A Classic From Kojima (Again)03/12/15The_Boss
Dedicated to Hideo Kojima, you reminded me why I love video games so much01/23/09ThePhoenixFlame
Metal Gear Solid 4...worth buying a Playstation 3 for?06/16/08ThomasClancy
SPOILERS* this is possibly the greatest game ever created06/17/08threadysparrow
Another outstanding experience from Kojima Productions06/16/08TopherAU
Great game with far too many boring cut scenes06/19/08Ventrion366
A truly remarkable game that every PS3 owner should own06/16/08Virtual_Console
The Game Rocks.06/16/08X_PS_X
Excellent ending to the storyline with great gameplay capabilities.07/01/08XxTimetokillxX

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