Review by TheOmegaShen

Reviewed: 07/03/12

Trys so hard to be like the classics but falls right on its face

I bought this game expecting a return to the type of game-play that made Sonic great back in the days, only to be severely disappointed by this. SEGA put the absolute bare minimum in this game and it shows throughout the whole thing. It also amazes me how some fans claim this to be Sonic's triumphant return and don't understand how anyone could see it differently. So lets go into detail about this game, shall we?

You know all those catchy tunes from the Genesis Sonic games that fit all the levels perfectly? None of the tracks in this game even come close to being catchy or fitting for these levels. Each song sounds like it was made with a synth that resembles that of dying cats and it gets old quick. If that wasn't bad enough, the drum sound from Sonic 2 is used in every single track in this game, making the soundtrack of this game extremely underwhelming and unpleasing to the ears. Also, the tracks are insanely short and loop, a lot. I'd recommend you mute the sound if you play this game because it WILL make your ears hurt.

The graphics in this game are very underwhelming too. Many parts of the backgrounds look like paper cutouts and the ground for each stage looks like plastic. Sonic, for some reason, is extremely shiny and seems like he is cel-shaded yet nothing else is. Animations are okay at best, so nothing much to say about that.

Finally, the most important part of a game, the gameplay. This game was supposed to be a new title in the Genesis series, yet fails to play anywhere similar to those games. Momentum does not exist in this game, the ability to roll down slopes and pick up speed is gone, Sonic's acceleration is incredibly slow, and now you can walk straight up walls without even trying. In the original games, you could rely on the physics to get you through a level but not here. To make up for this, speed boosters and springs fill up most of the levels to help guide you through it. This makes the game look extremely amateurish and cheap, hurting this game even more. Sonic can also use the Homing Attack in this game, but it is mostly used for a certain badnik that is chained to get you through a stage.

As for originality...this game has none. Everything in this game is rehashed from a previous game and while the level design is new, it was built to remind you of previous levels. Bosses are direct rehashes of the ones from the Genesis games too and they are horrendously awful. All you have to do is homing attack them over and over and there, you win. Not even the final boss is new, everything was used from something else.

This game is a disgrace to the Sonic 4 name and should have had more time and thought put into it. I could not recommend this game to anyone, it is really that bad. If you want a great 2D Sonic game, download Sonic CD or heck, even get Sonic 4 Episode 2(Which is much better than this game).

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I (US, 10/12/10)

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