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Still the best 2d Platformer ever!06/28/02Aganar
Plumbing at its 2-d finest09/29/08Ali_X_Rexus
Console selling Masterpiece.02/22/05AWing Pilot
A fantastic adventure awaits you in Dinosaur Land.08/10/09Cold Metal
Come again just to start afresh, once again to find a home...01/03/05discoinferno84
...and I think to myself - what a wonderful world04/09/12Donald Love 87
Best Mario game. Bar none!01/26/06eolsen
My first game, my first experience, my first love.03/07/07HeoandReo
One of the best platformers ever made08/11/17horror_spooky
The original masterpiece of 16-bit platforming, both as part of the extended Mushroom Kingdom adventures and on its own undeniably charming merits.11/05/09Jockolantern
Simply put: perfection03/31/10KeyBlade999
I’m a jumping, fire-shooting, flying plumber on a quest to save the princess, riding on a green dinosaur whose name roughly translates as “OK”02/19/04LastStand
An undeniably captivating platformer that introduced me to the world of videogaming09/15/01MaxH
Come Visit a World Full of Beauty, Secrets, and Fun!04/08/16MisterPanda
The ageless wonder01/03/14nastynate3118
The gem of the Mario series deserves no less than a perfect score07/16/01Psycho Penguin
Another GREAT Mario adventure05/20/02Retro
In a little World of its own.04/24/13Ryan Harrison
Mario Doesn't Have the Best Luck with Vacations02/07/14SethBlizzard
A landmark in the Mario-niverse.10/01/12SneakTheSnake
Why did I give this a 10?02/28/11StephenYap3
Mario apparently has an entire world to himself now. With a game this good though, he's likely to have a long line of people waiting for admission07/20/03terrisus
Super Mario World: The Classic04/03/17TKDBoy1889
Undeniably, this is one of the greatest Mario titles of all time.01/10/11TTheResearcher
A Legacy of Classics Keeps on Chugging07/30/07Yoh_of_Izumo
It's a blast from the past! Who doesn't love a good reference to Super Mario cartoons?05/30/06ZFS
It's Mario, what did you expect?06/01/07Zylo the wolf

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
The definitive example of a truly perfect game.02/06/07_Spin_Cycle_
SMW is a very good SNES game, all factors considered.03/05/00Aristotle
The game that made Yoshi!11/26/07bigfoot12796
First SNES game, well made02/22/01Blackjack4x
Mario Shines on yet another Console02/07/07brian88420
Hail to the king04/11/08clarkisdark
My Favorite Platformer01/24/11Crapgunner12
The best platform game ever made.01/22/08DarkMark42
Super Mario Brothers 3 has nothing on this.01/28/08Deezlink
Do you like stamps?05/20/02Doodleheimer
The second best of the Mario series04/10/00Falsiloquos
This is what happens when bad games happen to good mascots.02/14/00fduboo
SMW is a Fun Platforming Game and is My Personal Favorite...09/25/08Frankie123457
New System, Same Game. But still fun.02/12/07general531 word... flawless02/22/01GL
They should just release Mario All-Stars + World...02/12/07Kaobasa
A SUPER great way to launch the SNES01/04/03Kirby Freak101
You better have a classic controller handy.05/18/09kirkinout
Super Mario World ranks among the lines of Super Mario Bros. 3 as one of the best Mario games of all time.08/23/05KnightsoftheRound
One of the best Super NES games ever! And the first.07/15/01MI4 REAL
Mario moves to 16 Bits.01/04/08MisterMarioMan
The ultimate SNES Mario game is probably the best Mario game ever made.08/26/05Mortortex
One of the best platformers of all time, EASILY worth a download02/26/07nmlynch2004
An Outstanding Game Remade02/12/07RockyStarPro
My first 16 bit game and its one of the best01/13/01SDJaY
Ingenious Miyamoto gameplay and level design and its finest. This game is SO fun.02/22/01Sephirstein
Despite a lack of difficulty, this game is nothing short of a true classic03/03/05Shivan Reincarnated
The person who doesn't consider this a classic is straight-out wrong.02/06/07Smasher09
The Game. I mean THE GAME. Another Miyamoto Masterpeice!02/22/01The Lone Duck
Still the best Mario game ever made. No scratch that, it's the #1 greatest game of all time08/27/12Warhawk_
My first game... Okay so I'm a little bias! But seriously, it's a treasure.09/29/14Waver92
Mario is indeed super06/01/01Writer
This game is for all!!!08/14/02XtremeGundamX
One of Many Reasons the SNES is Amazing07/14/08zenGOSM

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