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Far beyond mere enjoyment09/12/02Mariner
Why don't we remember Final Fantasy VI?08/23/11DDJ
Great...until you reach the middle of the game.01/07/04Variaz
So gently, you touched my heart... I'lll be forever yours.04/25/17Amber2
One of the best all-time!01/18/05barflytke401
The dispute is on between next-gen and old school, but you'll find the bulk of what an RPG is in this cartrdge alone02/20/03Behreandto
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel better than fine.06/12/12BimmyandJimmy
Not just another FInal Fantasy game03/03/08bover_87
Magnum opus.01/05/04Braben
Yes, it's as good as everyone says04/23/07ClessAlvein05
A true balanced RPG, that you'll never forget.12/02/00Cyber-Sushi
The best game of all-time, that is, if you're into RPGs06/01/05DarkAngel13
One of Square's best, but far from perfect.02/20/03DemiGodX
The Final Classic12/05/05e1337x
Play It Loud!10/09/13gamingbeast96
There aren't good enough things for me to say.11/16/03Gbness
In Its Conception, It Prevailed... In Its Conclusion, It Was A Failure.06/15/06hecktic00
THE game that tops FF VII and Chrono Trigger10/03/13Jakejesse09
The "Titanic" of the gaming industry, even to this day.10/11/13jhojhoc89
This is the most revolutionary Final Fantasy game of its time; but it still leaves something to be desired.04/16/08LeoLion0818
The reason why I started loving RPGs...10/01/13Lilo4
Simply put, Best Game Ever!04/10/06Menji
2 options for this game: 'Best Game Ever!!!' or 'Best Gaming Experience Ever!!!'... YOU CHOOSE!09/18/13MrIsaac01
An In-Depth Review for New Fans or People Considering Trying FF302/16/06musicmaykr
The climax of the "old school" Final Fantasy games.02/13/13nastynate3118
First Fantasy01/05/10Ofisil
The Epic Masterpiece04/23/07PizzaDude371
On the sixth day, God created Final Fantasy VI07/16/01Psycho Penguin
Final Fantasy 3/6 is, in my opinion, Squaresoft's first magnum opus. It's not their best, but it's up there.08/03/04Renatus
Quite possibly the best game ever made, IF you're a fan of RPG's to begin with.11/08/01Requiem
Very Average. Not terrible but mildly overrated and loaded with many obvious flaws.07/07/14SatoshiMutou
*The* RPG11/09/02Shirow
Definitely one of Square's finest games11/15/04Shivan Reincarnated
Good? Yes. Classic? Yes. The best game ever made? Um, no.06/03/04shneepshnop
The Not-So-Perfect Fantasy01/02/14sirloinestake
The future desperately needs more RPGs like this04/11/11StephenYap3
Okay, this game is a MUST try. One of the best SNES games EVER.12/07/05Super Slash
A bit overrated, but still well worth your time.02/16/06SupremeJoe
This is one of my favorite games08/22/01Terii Senshi
The final Fantasy for the SNES, and quite possibly the best of the whole series07/10/07terrisus
The Classic of Classics10/01/13TheShadowVI
Not just a mascot for Square's golden age; Final Fantasy 6 is a testament to the greatness of video games.03/29/11UltimaterializerX
No game has surpassed this game in sheer quality04/30/03XCommander
The Greatest Game That Mankind Has Ever Crafted!!!12/16/02YSF
Ahem. There's sand on his boots!09/04/07ZFS
The series went from great to fantastic with this title.06/15/09Zylo the wolf

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
A 10 out of 10 masterpiece10/04/13AdamMAD87
My favorite game, hands down!02/20/03AKMoose
My beloved FF VI10/09/13amandaLove89
Escape reality. Live the fantasy... LITERALLY!10/09/13Amoscastro
Where do I even start?06/19/13AnalyticalGamer
Greatest Game of any kind on any system!02/20/03BHeilman
Money and time well spent!10/24/13BloodyMary1997
It deserves all the praise!10/25/13Boltonhsm
WOW for the 10000th time10/15/13CarolDieck
Final Fantasy III: The World is Square01/10/08constantlimit
Square has proven that they're not. Square, that is. I'm using Square as both the company and a description. You don't get it, do you?05/20/02Doodleheimer
Doesn't just trip up at the end, but trips up for the entire second half of the game. Blah!04/07/00Falsiloquos
The Best Final Fantasy Game I've ever played in my life!!!!!02/20/03Fierydevil
The RPG that really defines "RPG"02/20/03GameOver
The best game. Well put, Vampie!02/20/03Holy Vampire
A sober mind has re-evaluated its stance.03/24/09japanzaman
Could be the best of series02/20/03LOG
The beginning of Final Fantasy's greatest era06/14/10mark24173
Practically the best RPG ever made02/20/03MasterReviewer
Now in the Anthology, This Game is Possibly the Best Final Fantasy03/30/01Mike8787
All Fanboy love aside, obvious flaws persist03/31/09OrochiAssassin
Squaresoft has done it again!!!!!!!02/20/03PContaminator
If Only They Meant It When They Said Final04/13/16prof1515
The best game on the SNES by far...02/20/03RavenWing
An epic adventure, and a worthy addition to a great game series.04/05/10ShadowACS
Better than perfect, I gave it a 10.5!02/20/03Sirrus911
A dramatic masterpiece of RPG: The BEST 2D Game off all time.10/03/13SquallEX8
Near Perfection06/11/12theking375
A great game for the SNES!07/23/00Vegeta421
The pinnacle of menu-based RPGs02/20/03Yoma

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Final Fantasy VI: Why the Hype? - SNESdrunk
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