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Reviewed: 04/08/02 | Updated: 04/08/02

Who's the wierdo who made this game?

I remember a long time ago when I was just eight, that I went to see the movie Home Alone 2. I loved that movie to death, so my parents decided to buy me the game based on it. I loved the game too when I was a little kid, but I see all the weird stuff and the big flaws in it now that I'm much more mature.

Gameplay - 6/10

This game is pretty much an average platform jumper when it comes to playing it. You just jump over stuff, shoot at things, go through doors, etc. There are also some minor puzzles to solve, but nothing that shouldn't tax your brain too much. After you figure out how to do them you can beat this game quickly.

Your weapons and items are pretty weird and/or stupid. You get a necklace, a pop gun, a gun that shoots boxing gloves, and a gun that shoots big boxing gloves for your weapons. For items, you get dart packs, cookies, pizza slices, pigeons, after shave, credit cards, etc., that all do stuff like give you invulnerability, extra lives, points, etc.

What's funny is all the weird enemies that keep attacking you for no apparent reason. Jumping pieces of luggage, floating garbage can lids, pots and pans, etc. There is something REALLY wrong with New York in this game... Did all of these inanimate objects just suddenly spring to life because of dark spirits and then decide to attack Kevin?

It seems like every enemy in this game is either just stupid and easy to kill/avoid, or it can defeat you in one attack. The enemies I listed in the previous paragraph aren't tough, but the butler, detective, vacuum cleaner, Harry and Marv can all kill you simply by touching you. They ought to balance it out more. The two bosses and one mini-boss you fight in this game aren't that hard to beat. You just have to constantly attack them and you'll beat them easily.

Graphics - 6/10

The objects in this game are mostly good-looking, considering how old this game is. Most of smaller objects look like strange unidentifiable blobs, like the pigeon item, and that white stuff that trickles down from the ceiling in the Uncle's House. Also, some of the enemies, like Harry and Marv, just look wrong. The bats look like black kites, the rats look like brown lumps,

The animation also looks pretty funny. Kevin climbs down a rope like he's climbing down a ladder. The animation for most of the enemies looks choppy, especially Harry and Marv. They walk like robots, and only have two animation frames per second. The other enemies move more smoothly, but they still walk like robots. Butlers and detectives just shuffle after you without moving their upper bodies at all.

Some backgrounds are vibrant with color, while others look like they were drawn by a seven-year-old in art class. The Plaza Hotel looks fantastic, with the details like the plants and couches in the background. On the other hand, the Uncle's House looks like a coloring book, with solid colors that have no shading filling in all the spaces between the black lines.

Sound - 4/10

Argh, the sound in this game drives me insane! All of the noises you hear just don't sound right for the action they're supposed to represent. Every time you get hit by an enemy, you hear a ''ZING ZING!'' sound, and when something falls to the floor it always makes this ''BONG!'' noise.

The most irritating thing about the sound is that when Kevin jumps it always makes this annoying ''ZOING!'' noise. While trying to climb up a ledge your ear drums will be constantly assaulted by that horrible ''ZOING!'' noise. There are a lot of other redundant boops and bleeps like this in the game.

The music's not as bad, but it gets repetitive. All the music in this game loops about every 20 seconds so it gets old very quickly. The Hotel is just about the only level that has good music to listen to, while in the other three levels it can get irritating after less than half a minute of listening to it.

Story - 5/10

It's generally the same not-so-great story as the one in the movie. You are Kevin McCallister, who accidentally boarded the wrong plane to New York while his family went to Florida for Christmas vacation.

Then, somehow, Harry and Marv, the crooks Kevin defeated in the last movie, just happen to be in the exact same place at the exact same time as Kevin. Next this guy at the hotel Kevin's staying at discovers that he has a ''stolen'' credit card and gets the staff after you.

So now you gotta reunite with your family by defeating all these possessed objects and bizarre people and getting through these strange looking environments, while learning a silly moral lesson. Not my idea of a fun story.

Re-playability - 3/10

This is where the game really bites the big one. There are only four levels, and after you figure out how to beat them you'll literally be able to get through the entire game in less than twenty minutes. After you've found all those hidden items you get by jumping into the air, there's nothing left to do really.

Overall - 5/10

Buy or Rent? - Rent

You can beat this whole game in under half an hour once you know how to do everything, so there isn't any real reason to buy it, unless you're getting it for less than ten dollars maybe. Good luck finding this ancient game anywhere though.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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