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Thank you, Miyamoto.11/19/07AlderDryad
One of the best 2D Zelda games to date.06/27/11BimmyandJimmy
A great game that is unfortunately plagued by several flaws.06/10/04Dark33
A true milestone adventure and still one of the best video games ever made12/21/06darthjulian
When a hero comes along...09/08/04discoinferno84
15 years later and this game is known even by little kids. I wonder why?09/26/06Fossil
One of Link's greatest adventures07/31/15horror_spooky
Classic gaming goodness08/21/17James00715
Get a Link to the Past12/21/15Lord-Spencer
That's one small step (backwards) for Zelda, one giant leap for the SNES04/03/03Mariner
The easiest Zelda title, but it's still damn fun02/27/04numberonecubsfan 2
The Legend lives on10/22/08Ofisil
Excellent effort that still seems a bit lacking03/17/06Overdrive
Zelda returns to its series roots and delivers the best gaming experience the series will EVER offer.01/02/02Psycho Penguin
Every element comes togethor perfectly07/05/02RABicle
Most. Perfect game. Ever.11/15/04Rango
A timeless classic that will forever shine in video game history.04/05/10ShadowACS
The jewel in the crown of the Zelda series12/04/06Shivan Reincarnated
The ultimate game for the ultimate system11/22/04Stinger31383
An amazing adventure, a deep and engrossing game11/11/04terrisus
A Link to the Past Review11/30/05TSA_ZHQ
Uncle Longfellow's The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Review03/10/15UncleLongfellow
A link to endless backtracking.04/16/04Virulent
Link gets in touch with his inner self -- and it's strangely fuzzy -- in this latest adventure.05/30/06ZFS
After this, almost every other Zelda just ripped off A Link to the Past05/26/09Zylo the wolf

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Nintendo gets it right.01/05/11bachewychomp
The Ultimate Game For The Ultimate System05/11/03Baradur
The best game ever created11/23/00Blackjack4x
A powerful RPG, fun, classic, challenging, and all that other neat stuff!01/13/04David GoldLetter
Walked in my daddy’s shoes…no time to be a peaceful man07/02/03Denouement
Amazing Action-Adventure Game11/30/16GameBoy8
In my opinion, the greatest Zelda game ever made.09/30/01Joe the Destroyer
Hack and slash.10/26/15Malorkus
If you own a SNES, there isn't a reason not to own this game12/21/04Menji
A Link to Greatness03/27/14nastynate3118
RPG? Action? Adventure? Who cares? I love this game!12/29/01NT220
A connection to a time beforehand, but is it still a gem?02/01/07phoenix85044
Now, you may call it a Legend08/31/10PlasmawarriorX
A link to perfection03/08/12RageBot
Mmm... Heart Pickups...05/22/15roosterpeacock6
Wow, Zelda must really be stupid to get kidnapped twice in the same game...02/03/03Serge16
A Link to a Timeless Creation08/09/11sneggid
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; A Perfect 10 out of 10.01/17/02SSJ4 Link
Thy masterpiece unsheathed03/04/11StephenYap3
Quite possibly the greatest game ever made.12/01/02striker64
A Journey to the Past01/24/07Trambient
One of the Super Nintendo's greatest games.01/17/13Triforce_Wolf
Funny how a title from 1991 still remains as one of the best games ever made.10/29/10UltimaterializerX
The best of the 2D Zeldas. It's simply perfection.09/26/07Watcher19
One of the best games of all time.10/22/15WhatTheDeuce92
Classic Zelda At it's Best!!!08/14/02XtremeGundamX
Well, all I have to say about this game is that it can't be beaten04/18/03yoshiking
One of the Greatest Games I Have Ever Played!08/18/01ZeldaGuy
There are countless ways of enjoying this!05/01/03zorzioule

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Is this the best Zelda game? You bet it is!02/24/01BrakZero
My favorite Zelda.09/08/08Calamity
The best zelda game...01/12/01DarkAngel13
Zelda on the SNES Face Palms the NES10/22/07Darkdoomsday
Easily the best 2-D Zelda and Super Nintendo game.05/30/08DarkMark42
A CLASSIC Zelda game for the Super NES.09/28/00Dave 008 Bond
A Link to my Past06/04/08DETHSHADO
There are no words for this08/10/09Doomion33
One of the best games on the SNES returns to the virtual console.10/08/07Edge578
A classic through and through...03/15/00EPoetker
The Apex of the Zelda series04/08/00Falsiloquos
The game destined to be a classic.02/09/00fduboo
Pure genuis! Zelda strikes again!01/13/01Jeff_
One of the best if not THE best Zelda games01/24/07Justinakacube
Out for the Virtual Console and as good as ever.01/31/07kirkinout
The definition of Zelda02/16/01Leetdude
Link has red hair11/09/02LegendaryFrog
I have only one word: Flawless01/13/01LJones
Amazing Rendition.02/01/07Maester_Link
One of the best Super NES games ever made!07/21/01MI4 REAL
Has anybody noticed that there are no bad Zelda games?02/16/00Mr Socko
This Game does Zelda justice.01/13/01PContaminator
You Don't Know Zelda Until You've Played This11/26/07Smash_Adept
The kid's still got it.05/17/07SuperPhillip
I could play this game until I go blind from tv rays09/26/07swyg
Sweet fancy moses, there's only one review for the best game ever made? I'll fix that01/13/01The Lone Duck
One of the best games I've ever played05/02/00waychung
Sheer brilliance09/29/01Wild Gunman
Sweet, sweet nostalgia....05/24/11xXhakuhyouXx
The Ultimate Zelda series from the world's best designer, Shigeru Miyamoto!12/16/02YSF

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The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past: Why the Hype? - SNESdrunk
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past: Why the Hype? - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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