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Reviewed: 02/10/00 | Updated: 01/02/02

Zelda returns to its series roots and delivers the best gaming experience the series will EVER offer.

Legend of Zelda was an awesome game released way back in 1986 for the NES. Featuring a different kind of gameplay, it soon became a huge hit. Then Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link came along and dissapointed many gamers because it was so different than the first. Instead of being an overworld adventure, where you spend the whole game looking down at the character you're controlling, you instead engage in side scrolling battles. So when Nintendo decided to release a SNES version of the classic series, they were probably faced with a very interesting choice: should they make it more like the first game (a very beloved game) or more like the second one (a pretty good game that many dont like). They decided to go with the overhead view of the first game, and in turn produced one of the most quality games the Super NES has ever seen.

Yes, I really enjoyed the hell out of this game. It is simply one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I have ever had the privledge of experiencing. Everything about this superb game is truly awesome, from the amazing graphics (tell me you didn't drop your jaw when you saw the rain effects for the first time) to the unbelievably great music. Zelda: The Link to a Past is simply a fantastic game that deserved every bit of hype it got, and deserves all the praise and good words it gets nowadays. You will never find a Zelda game better than this, I guarantee it.

The game really doesn't have any major flaws, which is something you cannot say about a lot of games out there. I know a few people don't really like this game, which continues to boggle my mind to this day. I have played through the game numerous times, trying to find even one flaw, and I just couldn't do it. Okay, so maybe the game has minor flaws, like some retarded puzzles that seem out of place, but the exploration factor makes up for it, and overall this is just an awesome game, with very few flaws, and none major enough to make the game anything less than a 10/10 game.

Yeah, you get to save Zelda from the evil clutches of Ganon again. Plus you get to find the triforce again (well, just like part one.) But there are also little bits of story throughout the game that blend well with the main storyline of the game. It doesn't change the fact that the basic storyline is the same as all the other basic storylines to the series, but hey, it's better than nothing, right? The whole addition of the dark world/light world element really added a whole new aspect to the storyline, one which I happened to enjoy a whole lot. Overall, the storyline is pretty good but don't expect a totally radical and different storyline.

Wow, the graphics in this game make Zelda for the NES look like Pong. Seriously, I prefer the graphics in this game to a game like Zelda 64, mainly because the graphics are 2D and very colorful. Who could forget the first time going outside and seeing the rain effects??? Wasn't that just plain awesome? And the enemy designs are fantastic as well, the bosses are unique and very well done. The backgrounds of the game are very colorful and VERY well done. The dungeons are designed very nicely and have that nice, dark, spooky look (something which the first zelda, sadly, did not) The water effects look perfect as well. What amazing graphics.

The music in the classic Zeldas have been known to be very well done, and this game is no exception. It features the classic Zelda music but also introduces some stellar new music as well, ranging from the deep, dark sounds of the dungeon to the elegant and happy sounds of the overworld forests. The music is truly awesome, and represents the pinnacle of the Zelda series, which as I already mentioned has some of the best music ever in a video game series. The sound effects are perfect as well, the sound of your metal sword hitting a metal shield of your enemy is so wonderful, its perfect. You won't be dissapointed in the least with Zelda LTP's audio. It is truly awe inspiring.

Controlling Link seems like it can be a real hassle, but it really isn't. The game controls a lot like the original Zelda, where you go around in an overhead view hacking away on enemies and solving puzzles. However, this time you can allot certain items to certain buttons, which makes it so much easier to use a torch in a certain situation. It really makes the game a lot easier to control, and is proof that with a little tweaking, a thing can turn from good to great. Using your sword is easy, and holding down the attack button lets you pull off a devastating attack where Link swings his sword around. I really felt the control in the game is superb.

The gameplay is the fun part of the game. The game features a style more suited for the Zelda series, an overhead adventure/RPG like the first. You start off the game in a dungeon, and then you have to escape the dungeon with Zelda by your side. You may notice a couple of key differences. First, the map screen and dungeons are now much more detailed, because each room you are in has a specific coordinate, which makes tracking where you are much more easier. For instance, lets say you are in floor 3F and want to go to 5F, all you would need to do is find some stairs going up and ehad up two floors. Once you get outside the dungeon, the fun really starts.

Over the course of the game, you will need to collect numerous items ranging from heart containers to special weapons and shields. You will also need to complete a number of dungeons in order to finally get to Ganon. Also, there are now two worlds, the Light World and the Dark World (I dont think they're the official names). This plays a very important part of the game, because you will need to transport from world to world constantly in order to find items and get into dungeons. Overall, the gameplay is perfect.

You will definitely want to replay the game a lot once you first get it, as the graphics and music will automatically draw you into the submersive game, and then the solid gameplay and controls will keep you hooked. It is simply awesome, and even once you beat it, you will still want to come back and play it more and more. It's one of those games that will keep you hooked for months on end with its addictive gameplay, slick graphics, and awesome music.

Unlike a lot of the games I seem to be reviewing lately, this game has some sort of challenge to it, especially later on. This is a definite good thing, as no one likes to play an easy game. In addition to its relative long length of gameplay, there are a lot of challenging bosses, enemies, and puzzles. Combine everything together, and you have a challenging game. This is good because it will definitely make you want to keep playing, without getting you totally frustrated. Some games lack this combination, but this one doesn't.

This is one of the greatest games I've ever played. The graphics are perfect, the gameplay is so much fun and detailed you'll spend hours playing, the music is perfect, what other reasons do you need? Get this game, you will not be dissapointed!!

Good Points
-It is so long, deep, and complex, you may just get lost!
-The graphics are simply SUPERB.
-The music and sound effects are truly wonderful.
-The game will keep you hooked.
-The game is truly fun and addictive.
-Nice challenge level without getting the player totally frustrated.

Not So Good Points
-The storyline could have been a little better.
-Some of the puzzles seem a little out of place.
-You will spend a lot of time wandering aimlessly around the world.

I Run Down The Game.. Psycho Penguin Style!
Storyline - 6.1/10
Graphics - 9.8/10
Music - 9.9/10
Sound Effects - 9.7/10
Control - 9.7/10
Gameplay - 9.7/10
Replay Value - Above Average
Challenge - Above Average
Is This Game Worth A Purchase? - Definitely.
Overall - 9.8/10

The Last Line
Simply a superb game which is well worth a purchase.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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