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"Lots of innovations to a classic series"

I have always been a relatively big fan of the sport of football, ever since I was a young child. It has remained one of, if not my favorite, sports, because it is so much fun to watch and play. Therefore, I have also enjoyed a lot of football games in terms of video games. While the Tecmo Bowl series has remained my favorite football game series of all time, even to this day, I have also enjoyed two other football series mainly: NFL Gameday and Madden.

The Madden series has remained my second favorite football series of all time, and for good reason. It is simply one of the best sports game series of all time, because EA Sports constantly tries to make each game in the series as good as it could possibly be. I really have been a fan of a majority of the Madden games released, especially some of the ones released for Playstation, they have been truly awesome games.

However, I also have liked some of the Madden games released for the Super Nintendo, as well. One of the games I have liked is Madden NFL '95. This is one of my favorite Madden games mainly because it actually is a lot different than the one from the previous year, Madden NFL 94. While it is difficult nowadays to find a sports game that is significantly improved over its predeccesor, Madden NFL 95 is definitely one of those games.

There is not much of a story line to this game, as you may expect. Basically, you are the coach of a team and you want to lead them to the Super Bowl. You are not really officially the coach in the game, you just play as the players, but I am going to call you the coach because it sounds cool and sort of like an actual football game story line.

The graphics in the game are pretty good but certainly nothing special. I really like the animation in the game, because the players when they catch the ball actually look like they are catching the ball, as opposed to the ball just magically appearing in their hands. It definitely looks great, and I am a fan of the animation in the game. Also, I have to point out how the referee looks, he looks pretty weird when he is running to the field before the game to do the coin toss. Just thought I would point that out by mentioning it. :-)

The other graphics in the game are pretty good, as well. I really liked the player models in the game, as they were small yet very effective. You could definitely tell the difference between one team and the other, which is always a good thing, of course. I also liked the design of the field, as it was green as you might expect and it never really got distracting at all, as opposed to the field in the old Tecmo Super Bowl game for NES. The field view is up-down, so you will usually be heading up when on offense. The view is solid and is not distracting in the least.

The music in the game is pretty good, considering there is not that much music actually featured in the game. The only music that is really featured in the game is the music at the title screen and in the screens before actually playing the game. I especially like the title screen music, as it uses the Fox Sports theme really effectively. Or maybe that is the NFL on Fox theme, whatever it is it sounds really well done. The other music is pretty good, as well, and overall I really liked the music in this game.

The sound effects in the game are kind of disappointing. The only sound effects you will hear in the actual game is the sound of the players hitting each other (''oomph!'' is common) and the referee blowing the whistle. Most of the sound effects were pretty stale, as there was not a whole lot here to listen to. Also, the crowd barely came alive, which means you can hear basically nothing but ''oomph'' and ''hut hut hut'' throughout the game, which is not the worst thing ever, but the sound effects could have been much better.

The control in the game is solid but not perfect. It is pretty easy to do audibles and stuff, but moving the guys around on the field can sometimes be a hassle. I especially had problems with the way the moves were set up sometimes, because you could never really memorize a certain pattern, because the damn move lists kept on changing. It was quite difficult to keep up with. Otherwise, the control was really solid.

The actual game itself is fun to play, and I enjoyed playing it very much so. Before I mention and discuss some of the innovations that the game provided over Madden NFL 95, let me discuss some of the basics to this game. it features 28 NFL teams, a few game modes, and the NFLPA players license so all of your favorite players are in the game. It also means that you can knock Michael Irvin on his overrated ass as many times as you want to.

Now let me talk about some of the innovations that this game provided over the previous games in the series. As some of you may know, I am not a big fan of sports games which just improve over the previous year's effort by putting in new rosters, teams, etc. Well, Madden NFL 95 of course includes all of that stuff, but it also has new innovations, as well. I really liked some of the new things that EA Sports included in this game.

The biggest difference between this game and the previous years is the fact that this game has no passer windows. What do I mean by this? Well, in Madden 94 and the previous years when you went back to pass a few windows would open up on the top and in each window would be a receiver. It seemed like a good idea on paper, but it turned out to severely limit your view of the field, so it ended up being a bad idea. Fortunately, there are no passer windows in this game, so your field vision is not screwed up.

This will lead to an increase in replay value, for sure. You will enjoy playing this game a lot, I guarantee it. The single player mode is a lot of fun to play through, and is incredibly addicting. However, the two player mode may just be even more fun and addicting. There is nothing more fun than to beat the hell out of your annoying friend/neighbor/family member in a two player video game, mark my words. This is a very fun game, without a shadow of a doubt, and you will enjoy playing it a lot.

The game is certainly not that challenging, but it is a decent challenge. There is not really that much in terms of challenge here, just have to play hard and I am sure you will not lose that much.

Overall, I was really impressed with how good this game is, although it is not that great of a game when compared to some of the later games in the series. However, it is the game that jumped the Madden series the most, as there are a lot of improvements from Madden 94. This is truly a great game, and very innovative. I recommend you play this game, and you will probably like it. And that is a Ladies Man guarantee!

John Madden
-The graphics in the game are solid.
-I liked the variety of game modes.
-No passer windows. Yay!
-There is a nice selection of teams.

Michael Cole
-The game isn't that much fun to play.
-The sound effects could have been better.
-the game gets kind of boring after a while.

I Run Down the Ratings... DaLadiesMan Style!
Story line - Not Available
Graphics - 7.8/10
Music - 8.2/10
Sound Effects - 7.9/10
Control - 9.1/10
Game play - 9.2/10
Replay Value - Average
Challenge - Average
Is this game worth a purchase? - Yeah it is
Overall - 9.3/10

The Last Line: This is a great game, and is very innovative. And the words EA Sports and innovation rarely go together, so this is an unique game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/00, Updated 07/16/01

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