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"Capcom bowls a strike in their first SNES Mega Man game!"

The Mega Man series has always been one of my favorite video game series, ever since I first played some of the classic Mega Man games on the old NES. I really loved the old NES games, even though all of them had certain faults about them. One of the biggest problems I had with the old games in the Mega Man series was the fact that the controller of the NES really limited some of the ideas that Capcom implemented into the game. There are a few prime examples of this.

The main example of this is the weapon changing system. This was an innovative idea back in the day. The basic point of this was basically every time you defeated a boss, you gained that boss's special weapon. You could then use the special weapon you gained in order to defeat other bosses in the game, therefore there was a certain pattern when it came to defeating each of the bosses in the game. This was a fairly innovative idea at the time, and I remember marvelling at the ability to switch between special weapons, and how cool each different weapon looked.

However, there was a problem when it came to switching between weapons. See, the NES controller was limited to two main buttons: A and B. Therefore, there was not much room to work with in terms of buttons. I am not faulting Capcom for the problem I found in the original NES games at all, I just need to point this out. I remember in those games you needed to push start and go to the start screen just to switch between weapons. It got annoying after a while, because you would need to literally stop what you are doing just to get a weapon. And if you choose the wrong one, which is possible, then that would lead to even more trouble.

However, all was fixed for the Super Nintendo version, Mega Man X. While you still had the option to switch weapons by using the start screen, it was no longer mandatory. Now you could use the new buttons found on the Super Nintendo controller (L and R, located on the top of the controller) in order to switch between weapons. This turned out to be a live saver, because now you could switch between weapons without stopping to go to the start screen or whatever. I am a really big fan of this aspect, and I love not having to pause the game every once in a while against my own will.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because it was one of the things I was looking for when I saw that Capcom had made a Super Nintendo version of the series I adored as a young child. Some of the other things I was looking for were improved graphics (of course), more boss selection, and a few other minor things. And it turns out that Capcom did not disappoint me at all, because most of the things I wanted to find in this game were there! I really enjoyed playing this game, and have for a long while.

Well, actually I would not go as far as to say I have always enjoyed playing this game. About seven years ago, I remember I had this really old Tandy computer. And on the computer were a few games, some of them just happened to be Mega Man games. They were very fun to play, as they were a lot like the Mega Man games featured on NES. I would review these games, but sadly I cannot remember too much about them, and besides, CJayC would probably never believe they existed, anyways.

So, I remember really enjoying those old games. And one day about six years ago my dad brought me to this video game store and he let me rent out a Super Nintendo console for the weekend. I was really excited at the prospects of this, and he let me pick out three games to rent out with it. I was elated, so I went to search for three games to rent out with the system. I found two games fairly quickly, and then I saw the game I wanted to play most: Mega Man X. Well, actually, I had never heard of the game at the time, but hey, it was a Mega Man game! So, I definitely wanted to play it.

We rented it out and went home. I turned Mega Man X on first, of course, and started playing it. I remember playing the opening stage and not being able to get through it. What could be the problem, you may ask? Well, I was not aware of the fact that X could climb walls in the game. So, I never really got a chance to play through much of the game, because I got to the point of the stage where you killed that huge blimp shooting out missiles, and had to climb the wall. I never did climb that wall.

However, I did end up liking the game, and about five years later, I was in a new state. I had met this kid in Music class and he was telling me about what games he owned. Then he told me he owned Mega Man X. On the second, I stopped and asked to borrow it. He said sure, and in a few short days I had the chance to play one of the classics once again. This time, I was armed with the knowledge that X could indeed climb walls and do stuff that the original Mega Man could not do, so I was fully prepared to conquer the game.

That afternoon, I played the game for two hours, and I finally completed it. It was a great experience for me, as I loved every second of the game. It was a truly awesome experience, and right then and there Mega Man X became one of my all time favorite games. I was not expecting it to remain one of my favorite games for three whole years, but believe it or not, Mega Man X is still one of my favorite games, nearly seven years after I first played it and three years after I figured out how to play it.

Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo is truly an experience that must be played to be believed. It is one of my all time favorite games. In addition to being one of my all time favorite games, it is also my all time favorite Mega Man game. Yes, Mega Man X outdoes even Mega Man X4, the Playsation addition to the fabled series, in my opinion. It really is an awesome game, and I still enjoy playing it, even to this day. If you buy this game, you will not be disappointed, and that is a Ladies Man guarantee!

For a Mega Man game, Mega Man X had a good story line, introducing Dr. Light, Zero, X, and Sigma. It also marked the end of the bosses whos last name were ''Man''. I really liked the story line in this game, as it remains the best story line the Mega Man series has ever seen. I really did like the story line in this game, as it was unique. It was definitely different than the average ''Dr. Wily has taken over the world and now Mega Man has to stop him yet again for no reason whatsoever'' story line, and I definitely felt the change was for the better.

The basic story line of the game goes like this: It is a long time after Mega Man and Dr. Wily had their fun. A doctor is walking across the beach one night when he finds a capsule. He opens up the capsule and he sees specifications for a new robot. He builds this robot, and names it X. He does not think much of it at the time, because what does he know about the adventures of Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Dr. Wily?

However, disaster soon strikes when the Reploids try to take over the world. Led by their leader Sigma, who is a lot like Dr. Wily in certain aspects, they are a group of robots with human-like characteristics that have gone beserk. This is when the story line begins to shape up, because the scientist hears of the Reploids trying to take over the world, and tells X. X, being the brave young robot that he is, decides he is going to destroy the Reploids and help save the world.

That is when the game starts. I really liked the basic story line to the game, and I would be happy with just that, but Capcom decided that they were going to make the game have a much better story line than just the basic story line. The end result is a story line that reads just like a role playing game, there are plenty of plot twists in the game, especially a major one that occurs late in the game. It was really intriguing to find out what would happen next, and overall I really liked the story line in the game.

I remember firing up this game for the Super Nintendo 7 years ago and being amazed at the graphical quality of this game. The game's graphics are superb. There is hardly any slowdown and the backgrounds are so well designed. I have no complaints about the graphics in this game. They really are some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a Super Nintendo game, bar none, and I actually think this game looks a lot better than some of the early games featured on the Sony Playstation.

Let me first start off by talking about the thing I liked most about the graphics in this game. The backgrounds in the game are truly remarkable, and are some of the best backgrounds ever. They are so well varied and very well detailed. I loved the variety of backgrounds featured in the game. One stage has a snowy background with ice everywhere, while the next stage has a factory like background with lava in the bottom of the screen. It is this attention to detail that really makes the backgrounds in the game so special. And don't even get me started on the background of the opening stage, it is truly remarkable.

Another element of the game's graphics that I really liked were the enemy and character designs featured in the game. Simply put, I feel as if the enemy designs in the game are awesome. The thing I like most about the enemy designs is the fact that Capcom decided to use a lot of the enemies from the older Mega Man games for this game, only to give the older enemies a new and updated look. The result is a jump to classic status, with a variety of new and awesomely designed enemies. I really liked the enemy designs in the game.

The boss designs in the game are great, as well. I really liked the variety of bosses that Capcom featured in the game, and most of the bosses in the game look great. The boss design in the game I liked most was the design of Chill Penguin, as he looked a lot like an average penguin, and as some of you may know my favorite animal in the whole wide world is the penguin. So you know that I liked that boss design. That is not to take away from the other boss designs, though, because I liked a lot of the boss designs in the game. Even the worst boss design (Flame Mammoth, in my opinion) still looks pretty good, so that is a testament as to how good the boss designs in the game really are.

The character designs are just as good, I especially like the design of the two main characters in the game, X and Zero. Some of the other characters in the game look solid, as well. One of the character designs in the game I like most is Dr. Light. Some of you may be wondering how he is still around in this game if the game takes place long after he passed away. Well, the answer is simple. He now appears in various capsules, and I like how he blinks on and off with a white, pale look, it makes him appear just like a hologram.

The animation in the game is also incredible. I especially liked the way that X's weapons fired, it looked simply incredible. Everything moved at a brisk pace, and the animation was definitely top notch. One of the things I was fearing most about this game was the possibility of slowdown, after all the game just screamed that it had the possiblity of slowdown, however there is no slowdown featured in this game at all, and I was really thankful of that.

The music in the game is just fantastic, and represents some of the best music I have heard on the Super Nintendo. The Mega Man series has always had great music, in my opinion, so I was really expecting to be blown away by the music in this game. And I was, for the most part. I really enjoyed the music in this game, and I am a pretty big fan of the music. In fact, if there was a soundtrack available to purchase for this game, I would probably buy it. That is how much I liked the music in this game.

While my favorite theme to the game was the music that played when you selected a boss, the boss selection screen theme, I really liked the music featured in the stages. Some of the themes I liked most were the music featured in the Armored Armadillo and Chill Penguin stages, although I am a pretty big fan of the music in the game as a whole. I think it was one of the better efforts by Capcom when it came to music for the Mega Man series, and considering the quality of the music featured in the other games of the series, that truly is a bold statement. That is a testament as to how good the music in the game really is.

Sound effects in the game are a little disappointing, but I still liked some of them nevertheless. As a whole, I feel as if the sound effects could have been done a little bit better. Especially the various sounds of X powering up his weapon, they got a bit annoying after a while. At first you can stand the sounds of the guns firing, but once you hear the whirring sound of the gun really charged up, it got a tad annoying. Chances are you can ignore these certain sound effects, but I am just warning you they can get to be a little annoying.

The control in this game is great. In previous Mega Man games you were limited to jump, shoot, and slide. But in this game, you can also climb walls, which enables you not only to beat the levels, but also to find the secrets. They improved walking though by giving you the ability to do a rush. You get it by finding (actually receiving) a capsule in one of the stages. You accomplish this feat by tapping the left or right directional buttons twice or by pressing A.

Another addition to your feet is the ability to climb walls. It took me ages to discover this technique. You do this by pressing the jump button when against the wall. This makes things much easier if you accidentally fall off a cliff. Firing and jumping is done by pressing simple buttons. When firing, you can charge up a shot to make it more powerful by holding down the attack button. You can also find a capsule to increase your weapon’s power.

The last improvement made to the weapon is that if you need to switch to a different weapon quickly, you can just press the R and L buttons to switch through the weapons you own. I already mentioned this above but I am really glad Capcom made that certain improvement, because it got annoying to keep on switching between weapons using the start screen after a while. Overall, I really liked the control in this game, as Capcom made good use of the Super Nintendo controller.

Like any other Mega Man game, after defeating each boss you gain that bosses' special weapons, and the order of which you kill the bosses is important, because you might have to use another boss's special weapon to destroy a certain boss. In this game, you also have to find sub tanks (which are sort of like the energy tanks from the previous Mega Man games) and special capsules, powered by Dr. Light, which can range from a great weapon to a sliding technique.

There are a lot of innovations provided in this game, but the game does have a lot of the same basics as the earlier games in the series had. You can still choose the order of stages you want to go through, and you still can use certain weapons won from one boss to kill another boss even easier than the boss normally would be had you not had the special weapon from another boss needed to kill it. However, the numerous innovations are too many not to point out.

There are now new ''weapon capsules'' spread out throughout the game, in addition to the basic secrets found in almost every Mega Man game (like Sub Tanks and Energy Tanks). There are four weapon capsules to be found throughout the game, and in each one Dr. Light gives you a new ability, weapon, or piece of armor. You should definitely try to get all the weapon capsules and improvements in the game. Each weapon capsule gives you a different ability, and you need all of the abilities in order to complete the game.

With all of the new innovations added into an already addictive series, you better believe Mega Man X has great replay value. It has a lot of replay value mainly because of the amount of secrets to be found in the game. You can collect everything from new weapons and armor power ups, to P Tanks, to energy tanks, and all of the secrets add to the replay value. Now why do I say this? Mainly because if you do not complete the game without getting all the secrets, you will want to go back and complete the game by getting all of the secrets. Overall, the replay value in the game is fantastic!

The biggest disappointment I found with this game is the fact that it is pretty short and not very challenging. I have always felt that the challenge level of the Mega Man series has deteriorated with each new game, and this game is certainly an example of that.I had little trouble completing all of the stages, and the bosses were pretty easy, even if you do not know the special weapon pattern (I did not know it at first and still strolled through the game by beating all of the bosses quite easily). I expected the game to be a little challenging, and it disappointed me.

Overall, this is one of my all time favorite games that sadly does not get the recognition it deserves. When asked to name their favorite Mega Man games of all times, this game will probably not show up on most people's lists. However, it shows up on my list, right at the top! With great graphics, killer music, awesome sound effects, and basic game play that has yet to be rivaled (even with the numerous sequels released), this is one of the all time great games that have not gotten the credit it deserves. Capcom tried a lot of new things for this game, and it paid off big time as they have made a truly remarkable game!

Good Points
-The replay value in the game is way above average.
-This is a great and very fun game.
-The game featured outstanding control that takes advantage of the capabilities of the Super Nintendo controller.
-The music and sound effects in the game are outstanding, I love the music in the game especially!
-These are some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a Mega Man game, and it was only the first Super Nintendo Mega Man game!

Not So Good Points
-There could have been some other innovations added that weren't.
-The game is far too short.
-The challenge level is not up to the level of what I expected.

I Run Down the Ratings... Da Ladies Man Style!
Story Line - 9.1/10
Graphics - 9.9/10
Music - 9.8/10
Sound Effects - 8.6/10
Control - 9.2/10
Game Play - 9.8/10
Replay Value - Well Above Average
Challenge - A Little Below Average
Is this game worth a purchase? - Definitely!
Overall - 9.7/10

The Last Line: This is my favorite Mega Man game of all time, as well as one of my favorite games of all time, so it is definitely well worth a purchase, in my opinion. And that is a Ladies Man guarantee!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/16/00, Updated 07/16/01

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