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"A classic example of how NOT to do a compliation"

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is lucky it's getting a score of 6/10 out of me. The only reason its getting the score out of me is because the three games featured on it are actually pretty cool. The problem is, Tecmo screwed up bigtime in the release of the compliation. Instead of doing it like Mario All Stars and improving on the graphics and music, they went the opposite way and did nothing to improve the graphics, and they screwed around with some classic music. So now all the classic tunes I remember from the old Ninja Gaiden games on Nintendo Entertainment System have been replaced with mindless dreble like this. Also, the gameplay and control seems to be worse than it was in the NES versions, as well. So basically what you have here is Tecmo deciding to make some money, releasing a half baked version of a classic trilogy, and forgetting about it. Its sad too, because with a little time and effort this could have been great.

Graphics (4.3/10)
They look just like they do in the Nintendo versions!! Exactly the same! While Super Mario All Stars featured a
serious upgrade in graphics, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy did not have this same feature. The charcaters, backgrounds, everything looks the same! I mean, here's what you can do. Put the NES versions of the games in your NES and play them for a while. Then play the SNES trilogy. Can you notice any difference? Neither can I. Overall, these graphics are good but the problem is they're exactly the same as the NES versions!

Music/Sound (4.1/10)
This is terrible. Not only is it not acceptable for the original versions, they totally redid some classic music
and left us with some pure crap. That's really too bad, because if theres one thing I wanted them to keep the same in the trilogy is the music, yet thats the only thing they changed! Sound effect wise, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy sounds okay, but they messed around with the sound effects as well, so they don't sound as good as they used to. Overall, the music in this game is a sham, and the sound effects are merely decent.

Gameplay/Control (5.8/10)
Yeah, these games are classic. But you can get them for the NES and listen to some real music. The gameplay is good like it was with the NES, but the controls are way different it seems. Yes, they do feel much different than they did in the NES versions. First, the buttons seem to have a weird layout to them, so I died a lot. Then there is the gameplay. i loved these games for NES, but I really did not feel like playing them on Super Nintendo. Why? Because of the darn music. Now, if they had updated everything, and left the music the same, I would have been a very happy master reviewer. But no, they had to go and screw everything up, so I really don't like this game.

Replay Value


Overall (5.7/10)
Considering you could get a NES w/all 3 games for about the same price, Id go with the old NES versions. They changed the music too much and did nothing to improve on the graphics. Had this game been more like Super Mario All Stars (leaving the basic gameplay the same but revamping the music, sound effects, and graphics) then I would have been happy and give this game a much better score. As it stands, it's lucky it's getting such a good score from me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/26/00, Updated 07/16/01

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