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"Better than the Nintendo 64 version"

Ahh... Super Mario Kart. Many a summer days were passed in the summer of 96 with this game. My friend and I used to have the greatest of times in the multiplayer mode of this great game. The single player mode ain't bad, either. Mario Kart ahs to be one of the five best racing games of all time. It is a great game that in my opinion is better than Super Mario Kart 64. Super Mario Kart is a classic game with a very high fun factor.

Graphics (8/10): The graphics in the game are pretty good. The backgrounds are nicely designed, and the character designs are great. I think this game uses System 7, if it doesn't, it sure does look like it!!

Music/Sound (10/10): Some of you may want to flame me about this score, but personally I really enjoy the tunes in the game. The classic Mario themes are all here, and some new ones are added as well. Every song is perfect for the stage it is featured in. The sound effects are outstanding as well!

Gameplay/Control (10/10): The gameplay in this game is very fun indeed. Its like yor normal racing game, but with that Mario feeling. The only real major addition worth discussing is the addition of certain item boxes. When you run over a box, you get a randomly picked item. These items range from weapons you can sue to knock your fellow racers out for a few seconds, to a mushroom that helps you go faster. Each item has a certain benefit to it. The multiplayer mode is outstanding. The best multiplayer mode on Super NES, right here! The object of the mode is to pop the three balloons on your opponent's car. The way to do this is to get a weapon and hit them three times!!

Replay Value and Challenge (8/10): The Rainbow Road is kinda challenging.

Fun Factor (9/10): I love this game, it is more fun than the nintendo 64 version

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/13/00, Updated 07/16/01

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