Review by wolfycookie

Reviewed: 09/04/12

This RPG had some great ideas, but in the end was overly ambitious.

Ok, I had never played the original two worlds game, I had only heard about it through very bad reviews. I was cautious when I picked up the sequel TWO WORLDS 2.

This game is, from a console perspective, is comparible to elder scrolls, sacred 2, risen and dragons dogma. It has elements from other games, but at it;s core it is a 3rd person loot type RPG. The game has many quests and has an open world system to it. You can unlock portals for quick travel once they are visited throughout the land. The first thing I noticed when I started playing this game was the fantastic art design, although the graphics are a mixed bag, I was in awe at the designs in TW2. The armour pieces, character designs, and variety rival the top games in the genre.

The game also has pretty good voice acting, however your character (who can only be a human male in the singleplayer story) has a very bad monotone voice. I'm not sure if this was intentional by the developers, as your character can sometimes sound quite comical in a so bad it's good way. The NPC's on the other hand seem to have some solid acting and voice work.

TW2 has a unique class and magic system. In short you can customise your spells and add different effects to them by adding cards to your spells. You can also create a character to suit your playstyle, a mage, a fighter or archer, or a mix of all. There are many armour sets and weapons for each class too. I played as a mage and focused on fireballs, however there is also a decent melee fighting system with blocking and counters. You can also get a horse to ride around on, but as far as I could tell there is no fighting from horseback, although you can cause damage to enemies by runing over them. There is also good creature variety, with undead, bandits, insects, fishmen, mummies etc....

The quests held my interests quite well, they were varied and well scripted and sometimes surprising, Betrayal is everywhere, I was conned out of money 3 times in the first hour of gameplay! I found this quite humerous really. There is alot of game here, you could easily clock over 100 hours in the story and more in the multiplayer quests (which can also be played solo) Again I will say that some of the voice work was really well done.

The graphics are mostly good due to the art direction, however the engine has trouble at times with some slow down (even when installed to HDD), especially in outdoor sections. (A cause of this could be that dead bodies stay on the map if there is still loot left on them) BUT this would be my biggest gripe about the game. The frame rate goes from very smooth to almost unplayable in some areas. There is a day and night cycle which is pretty cool, but the weather effects from the PC version have been ommitted unfortuneately.

This game could have been a cult classic if the frame rate issues were fixed. Apparently there is a debug mode, where you can alter graphical effects in order to make the game perform better on the console. BUT the game should come out of the box with minimal or no glitches and run smoothly. TW2 does have several glitches unfortuneately, none were entirely game breaking, but none the less they should have been polished out this is why I would mark it down a little.

The hardest thing in reviewing TW2 was that I really liked it, and I know it could have truely been a triple AAA title, bu the game has technical limitations which ruin the otherwise great experience.


so to top it off -

+ great voicework by NPCS
+ varied and lengthy story
+ fantastic art direction
+ great engrossing music
+ nice loot, spell and crafting system

- Bad main character voicework
- inconsistent framerates
- some other glitches
- some wasted opportunity on the second island

I would recommend a purchase if you can stand the technical issues.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Two Worlds II (AU, 02/24/11)

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