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"What is There to Have Against a Game That Features Running On Walls?"

The movie has come into your living room, as a game now. Not only, a game, but it is packed with cinemas featuring real life characters from Matrix 1 and 2, including Niobe, Ghost, Agents, Trinity and more. The game serves as sort of a preamble to the second Matrix movie. So now, you can find out what happened in between the two Matrix movies, as you play as Ghost or Niobe, while you blast, kick and punch, and run through the levels Matrix style.

The story line is so-so; it’s nothing as good as the previous Matrix, maybe because the main character is not Neo. You start out in a post office, trying to recover a package. You live on the planet Zion. That is your home, and from where everybody is operating the Matrix. You are trying to fight off a war with all the evil doers in the Matrix. Ghost and Niobe are instructed to fulfill a few tasks to make the path for “The One” easier. The storyline ties in between the two movies, but is nothing perfect and is surprisingly short.

Play as Ghost or Niobe in this game. They pretty much have the same moves and attributes. Conversely, Ghost usually acts as the gunner on levels and Niobe is the driver. They both have pretty much the same storyline, and the levels are parallel but there are differences. Sadly, you won’t be able to play as Neo, Trinity, or Morpheus.

There is a good gameplay system in this game. You can either go head-to-head in combat mode- while you bash your foe with an array of punches and kicks, stunning throws, and you can even go matrix style by running off walls and everything going seemingly slow as if you just took an adrenaline pill. It is called focus mode, and you can accomplish some sweet long distance jumps from platform to platform. There is a nice distortion effect, that makes everything blurry, and you can see the bullets fly right past you, which makes it feel like you are truly in the Matrix. The hand-to-hand mode is exciting- it’s like a fighting game. There are some flaws, like sometimes you don’t have complete control of your character. Other enemies will be harder than others, some you just mash the punch or kick button as you put marks on the cop’s face, instead of him putting marks on you. Other enemies, like the agents, you will have to use skill by dodging their attacks and using some timely kung fu moves. On the other hand, if you don’t like that, feel free to blow away opponents with your selection of firearms and grenades.

The graphics and sound in this game are all right. You will hear some familiar works of art from the actual Matrix movies, which runs greatly with the gameplay. The graphics are a little outdated, but nothing to fuss over. You will also watch some movie sequences, in the game, with real actors. The cinemas are well directed- for the directors are the Wachowski Brothers, who are the same makers of the Matrix movie if you do not know that yet. Once again, you will watch Ghost and Niobe, whether they are hacking into the Matrix or are just in fighting scenes. Agents will be there too, and malicious as ever. Sparks, who is operating and coordinating the missions, will accompany you. You will even have a brief scene and battle with Trinity, but unfortunately none from Neo or Morpheus.

Then there is the hacking mode, hack into the matrix yourself. You can get some awesome stuff from hacking. There is plenty things to unlock here, you will also be able to watch the movie sequences over again. Cheats can be discovered using this program too. I can’t forget to mention a multiplayer mode and a new level. It is a great add-in to this game.

Now you may want to receive the answer to the question- “What is there to have against a game that features running on walls?” Well if you guessed nothing- you’re wrong. There are some defects in this game. Things can get a bit glitchy- sometimes when you are running around and in heavy gunfights, the gameplay will just slow down noticeably. In addition, a mischievous camera shoots the characters at different angles that the characters are fighting in. Therefore, you could be kicking an agent and it will show a hole in Niobe’s alligator jacket or something, and we don’t want that, do we?

The length hurts this game a bit too. It didn’t take me very long to beat the game first time on easy mode, it only took me six hours. I thought the game would be much longer. However, there is a little bit of replay value. Enter the Matrix makes me want to play the levels over again. It’s not just a game that is only good for playing just once. You will also want to play it over again as a different character, and on the different difficulty levels.

Overall all though, Enter the Matrix deserves an 8/10, it offers a lot of fun, but is not as good as it could have been. The game was short, and it lacked a bit in the area of control. After all, it is a fine game, for becoming a game based on a movie title. Most movie title games don’t have the same quality as Enter The Matrix. I do not suggest that you buy this game because of the length, but just rent it on a week that you have off.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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