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"Cool Coyote, the piano playing and barking dog!"

~ Introduction ~

Fire and Ice starring Cold Coyote. Lol, what a title! It's cool though, you're some kind of dog that needs to collect key pieces along the way in the levels to continue.

~ Game Play ~ 8/10

You're Cold Coyote the Icy Coyote that can shoot ice bombs or whatever they are. Select one of the many episodes and prepare for a nice adventure with this weird dog like animal. Work your way through the levels shooting at the enemies with your ice bombs so they'll freeze, walk over them to let them disappear. Collect key pieces to advance to the next level. One cool thing is that it'll be night and day and there are different enemies out there when it's night!

~ Story ~ 8/10

Suten quietly congratulated himself. This was the perfect place to hide. Already worshipped by the indigenous Human population, he could remain here undisturbed. He needed to rest for some time, it had been a long journey; over 12 light years across the coldness of space. Here he could absorb energy from the heat of the midday sun, and it was very hot here. He began to make plans for his takeover of this small planet, all he needed now was time to replenish his energy. He laughed out loud as he recalled the moment of his escape from his prison of two thousand years.

It had been very easy, he thought. The guards had become very slow and lethargic, they had made mistakes. He knew they would, after all, he had time to wait, nothing but time.

Glemm had picked up the trail at last. It had taken a while, but he knew that somewhere there would be evidence of the vast expense of the magical energy required to transport his old enemy away from this place. How could they have let him escape, he wondered? He called upon the elemental forces to begin the chase. He would have to be careful, Suten was dangerous.

He would have no qualms about starting a full-scale elemental battle wherever he was, and at any cost to his surroundings. Glemm remembered how an entire solar system had been destroyed prior to Suten's captue. That was why he had been incarcerated for the remainder of his existence.

The trailled to a small blue-green planet, the third of nine orbiting a yellow star. Suten was bound to be somewhere in the hotter regions. Fire had always been his favorite elemental force. it was more destructive than the others.

This was not going to be easy. Direct confrontation would b disastrous for all the lifeforms on the planet. No, there had to be another way. Glemm needed an agent, someone whom he could help to defeat Suten without arousing too much suspicion.

Who would be the best choice? Certainly not a Human, they were far too stupid and clumsy. They couldn't hero their way out of a paper bag. The sort of hero required needed to be smart, cunning, fast and willing to travel.

Glemm began his search near the northern polar ice cap. There wasn't many suitable candidates here at all. He could feel Suten's evil magic even here; he didn't have long. Many of the less intelligent creatures were already behaving aggressively towards each other; on a path certain self-destruction. Where was the hero he needed? Walruses? Too slow! Peskimos? Too stupid!

He focused on a small igloo, hearing the distant sound of music. He had chanced upon the home of one Cool Coyote. He couldn't risk direct contact. His materialisation would almost certainly be detected by the rejuvenated Suten. He would have to help this hero in more subtle ways.

~ Graphics & Music ~

The levels are nice detailed and CC looks cool too. At the main screen you'll see Cool Coyote play on his piano and bark. He is singing a song, ain't that cute? Anyway the music in the game is cool too.

~ Play Time & Replay Value ~ 8/10

There are several episodes you can play with some huge levels, it'll take a while if you want to get all secrets too. There isn't anything new when you replay the game.

~ Overall ~ 8/10

A cool game! With some nice features.
This game is one of the best amiga platoformers!

Rent or Buy - Like platform games? You should get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/15/04

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