The "COUGAR" is a top secret agent with a mission to break up a gang of illegal drug dealers on an isolated archipelago in the Pacific.
Playing the part of Cougar you must:
- Fight with your bare hands against the prison guards as you stage a daring escape to start your adventure.
- Pilot a fully armed jet.
- Confront the evil scientists and their defending cyborgs.
- Steal a booby-trapped boat to reach a pygmy village.
- Cross the pygmy village whilst avoiding the deadly poison tipped arrows of the natives.
- Carefully choose between two booby-trapped vehicles: a motorcycle or a hovercraft.
- Enter into a labyrinth of a mine and use your skills in hand to hand combat.
- Pilot your jet and using your quick witted skills destroy for ever the drug processing plant and the headquarters of the evil drug lords.
This multi-action software package includes many state of the art systems allowing the player to be a pilot in a full 3-D jet fighter simulation, ride a motorcycle, pilot a hovercraft and steer an offshore speed boat. Experience hand to hand combat and use an agents special skills with a hand gun.

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