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"For the Demolition Man in all of us."

Finally, a game of this type comes out for us to enjoy! As you may have guessed, the main object of this game is to Blow Up stuff. But rather than just stuff, the goal is to blow up a wooden structure in which a bear rests on - and you have to make the bear, and the structure fall below a given or indicated line.

This game helps bring out the child in us, well at least me. With each level you're given a certain amount of dynomite and you have to use it sparingly, and if you don't - it could prove fatal. I say that, mainly because throughout each level you have a floating start that when your in the "falling" stage, if you hit this symbol you will get bonus points, and if you put your dynomite too close to the bear (hurt him with the explosion) you can either end your level, or severely damage the points you would earn.

In that same sense, your game is based off completing the level and the points earned. Aside from the bonus, you can earn points by blowing your structure up, and having it fall down - the further it falls, the more points you earn.

Amazing graphics are within this game for what the game is, and how simple it is. The developers took ample time in making sure detail went into the item and level, rather than just tossing a blob of red in and acting as if that's the dynomite - rather, you can see the wires and timer on it (and you can even set a delay timer too)...extremely detailed in my opinion.

In addition to great graphics, the same amount of dedication was put into the sound and the effects given as well. The only downside I've heard within this game is that the dynomite explosions are very, very quiet - even when you use multiple sticks it doesn't change.

But, I've said many times that games lack some sort of bell, or sound of accomplishment when you pass a level - not that it's important, but it's still nice to hear and this game definitely adds that. You have a crowd cheering, fireworks going off and trumpet horns of victory!

Overall, this game has dozens of levels and is extremely fun to play. Before you know it, you've lost 10 minutes of time and you're late! So be weary, this game can become addicting to those who have that saboteur in ourselves.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/13/10

Game Release: Blow Up (US, 07/10/10)

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