Are you someone who was born yesterday, who doesnít know which side of your bread is buttered, and who is always out to lunch? Donít worry if youíre a little confused. They say ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power, so Boost Your Intelligence today!

Developed with the help of psychology professionals with extensive industry and teaching experience, Boost Your Intelligence comes packed with a series of fun tests, based on verified scientific methodologies, that evaluate the basic parameters of your intelligence, including synthesizing and analyzing information, making analogies, and determining topological conclusions. When taken as a whole these tests offer you a glimpse into the very nature of your brains reasoning and understanding.

As if each exercise being fun on its own wasnít enough, by completing all of the tests you will receive a professional assessment of important aspects of your intelligence and psychological abilities. If it turns out that youíre more Homer Simpson and less Einstein, donít give up Ė the assessment also includes helpful tips for personal growth and development which can be put to use in the gameís training mode. You can even submit your scores and see how your skills compare to those of your friends and others.

With Boost Your Intelligence you can:
- Gauge your abilities in self-test mode
- Sharpen your skills through training mode
- Receive an expert analysis of your psychological attributes and ways to improve
- See how your intelligence stacks up against friends and others
- Learn more about different elements of psychological health

By combining a scientific approach with a game Boost Your Intelligence offers an accessible, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience for all ages and cultural backgrounds. So donít miss out on this opportunity to learn about and explore the aspects of your personality that make you truly remarkable!

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