Dive deep down to Coral City and build your underwater paradise!
Experience the vast coral world and its colorful Merpeople
inhabitants. This game puts you in control of Coral City's destiny. How
it will look and evolve is completely up to you!
- Build a fantastic underwater city of your dreams
- Be inspired by an abundance of coral buildings, homes, business,
services and oceanic decorations
- Fulfill funny quests for the adorable Merpeople and get sweet rewards
- Enjoy lovely, original graphics never seen on Android before
- Play offline if you wish (no need to be connected to the Internet)
- Send gifts, visit your friends’ cities and enjoy a variety of social
features (coming soon!)
NOTE: Offline play is supported, but Internet connection is required
when launching the game for the first time.
Coral City is free to download and play. It is possible to purchase
premium virtual currency (Pearls) inside the game to buy unique
buildings and bonuses. In order to avoid unwanted purchases, use the
PARENTAL LOCK in the Pearl Shop.

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