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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ------------------------------ [ SONIC 4: EPISODE II ] ------------------------
    -------------------------------- [by Ice Queen Zero] --------------------------
    ------------------------------- [ PC, PSN, XBLA, IP ] -------------------------
    This will be my last FAQ for a major/modern game before I give birth. I might be
    able to sneak in a couple retro games but this is it for me for recent games
    before motherhood hits. I'll probably have one of my sisters pinch hit for me in
    writing FAQs. More than likely it'll be Renea or 10-year old half-sister Erica
    since Chigura is expecting shortly herself. After all, I've collabed with my
    sisters on plenty of FAQs but mostly fighters and Erica's yet to get in on the 
    action too. Should she choose to follow the footsteps of me, my mother, my 
    grandmother and to an extent, my stepfather then the next generation FAQer will
    be among us but I won't force that upon her.
    The next episode of Sonic 4 is out now after being hinted at the very end of
    Episode 1. Sega currently has no plans on making an episode 3 but with enough
    good feedback they'll go ahead and make it. If you are a Sonic fan, go out
    there and buy the game. It's worth the $15. The only drawback is that it's not
    available for the Wiiware due to hardware constraints. I'm the one who FAQed
    Episode 1 so I felt it would only be right if I did episode 2 too.
    Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 and its characters are trademarks of Sega and
    all copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
    permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    From the official site:
    The fierce battle from Episode I was only an overture...
    What was Dr. Eggman searching for in the Lost Labyrinth?
    What was Mad Gear built for?
    They were all a mere puzzle piece of a grandiose project schemed by Dr. Eggman.
    As Little Planet, where "Sonic CD" took place, approaches Sonic's world once 
    again, Dr. Eggman's whole scheme will be revealed!
         MEET THE CAST
    From the official site:
    A few months have passed since the battle from Episode I. However Sonic's rest
    comes to an end as Little Planet re-approaches. Sonic finds out that Dr. Eggman
    is back in action on the neighboring continent. He sets off on Tornado to inves-
    tigate the continent with his sidekick, Tails...
    Sonic's little brotherlike sidekick who made the rocket to head to E.G.G Station
    and was secretly supporting Sonic in Episode I. In Episode II he's back in cen-
    ter stage as an active sidekick who Sonic can rely on. He can fly by rotating 
    his two tails and will assist Sonic with the Combos in Episode II.
    A worthy opponent who was thought to be destroyed during the battle of Stardust
    Speedway in "Sonic CD". He was in fact severely damaged, and left alone on Lit-
    tle Planet. Now as the Little Planet re-approaches, and with the close support 
    of Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic is resurrected and back in full force.
    Dr. Eggman's E.G.G Station was destroyed in Episode I. However as Little Planet
    reapproaches, the grand project set up by Dr. Eggman has now come into its 2nd
    stage, under a veil of secrecy.
    Left/Right = Move left or right
    Up = Look Up
    Down = Look Down & Crouch
    ><|A button = Jump (press again to use Homing attack)
    Down + Jump = Spin Dash
    []|X button = Rolling Combo/Flight Combo in air/Submarine Combo in the Water
    /\|Y button = Super Sonic Transformation/next act
    Ring - protects you from one hit but you will lose all of your collected rings
    and you will have to recollect as much as you can. Collect 100 of these for an
    extra life.
    Lampost - These are checkpoints for which you will start from when you lose a
    10-ring box - Worth 10 rings.
    1-up box - worth an extra life
    Sneakers box - Run faster.
    Invincibility box - can't be harmed for a limited amount of time
    Shield box - protects you from one hit
    Hands - pinball crash (press Jump repeatedly)
    From the official site:
    A battle plane type bird robot last seen in SKY CHASE ZONE from Sonic 2. A
    whole bunch of them can be shot out of Metal Sonic's weapon unit, Metal Carrier
    in Episode II.
    A Piranha inspired robot which was last seen in AQUATIC RUIN ZONE in Sonic 2. 
    It lurks underwater hunting for its next victim. Once they spot Sonic  his 
    friends, nothing will stop their rapid approach and attempt to crush them with
    its powerful jaw.
    A Chicken type Badnik last seen defending WING FORTRESS ZONE in Sonic 2. They'll
    stand in Sonic and his friends' way, deployed everywhere within the incredibly 
    enormous Sky Fortress as fixed batteries.
    A newly developed Polar Bear type robot for cold regions. It's specialty is 
    unleashing powerful attacks with its super heavy body. Its body is also tough,
    and this makes it a formidable enemy that will not be taken down with just a few
    A Turtle type Badnik last seen in SKY CHASE ZONE in Sonic 2. It serves as a 
    guardian of Metal Sonic's weapon unit Metal Carrier.
    A new series of Sea Urchin type robots which were developed based on the Orbi-
    nauts & "Spike Spinners" featured in Episode I. The blasting flames of the 
    burners are certainly dangerous, but those fires will spread widely in oily 
    places. Take extra care.
    A Grasshopper type robot which was also featured in MARBLE GARDEN ZONE in Sonic 
    3. Since they can suddenly jump without notice, their moves are unpredictable. 
    Be careful not to bump into them.
    A newly developed large Centipede type Badnik designed for use in desert areas.
    You never know when they will suddenly emerge from quicksand, and be mindful of
    its robust body that is resistant to attacks.
    A Dung Beetle type Badnik designed for use in desert areas. It can generate an
    infnite amount if large boulders that explode while rolling. A troublesome enemy
    that is always there in undesirable places.
    A newly developed Kingfisher inspired robot. It usually flies over the water
    surface, but as it finds Sonic and Tails underwater, it will dart down at them.
    A newly developed subaquatic Sealtype robot. Its breath can freeze the water 
    around them in an instant, creating obstacles when Sonic needs to look for air
    A Hermit crab type robot which has been newly developed for cold regions. The 
    spines on its hard shell will repel any attacks done by Sonic alone. There must
    be another way to defeat it...
    A Boar type robot newly developed by Dr. Eggman based on his research results 
    from Episode I. They have been created with rich color variation, but Sonic
    should be extra careful of the formidable red ones that come charging towards
    Much like Episode 1, each zone is a throwback of a previous Sonic game level.
    The bosses are not throwbacks this time though Sylvania Castle boss teases it.
    Sylvania Castle = Aquatic Ruin from Sonic 2 with a little bit of Marble Garden
    Zone from Sonic 3.
    White Park = Ice Cap with a little bit of Carnival Night both from Sonic 3.
    Oil Desert = Oil Ocean from Sonic 2 mixed with Sandopolis from Sonic & Knuckles.
    Sky Fortress = Sky Chase and Wing Fortress from Sonic 2 with a little bit of 
    Flying Battery from Sonic & Knuckles. There is also one gimmick from the Death
    Egg Zone in sonic 2.
    Death Egg Mk. 2 = Death Egg Zone from Sonic & Knuckles with a little bit of
    Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD.
    -No matter how powerful you are, you will automatically die when smashed, time
    runs out, drown, or if you fall down a bottomless pit. You will also die if you
    lose the race with Metal Sonic
    -They've fixed Sonic's rolling physics after they got nerfed in Episode 1. Now
    you can easily roll up hills when in a rolling state.
    -Gather 50 rings and a giant ring appears at the end of the stage. Jump into it
    to go to the Special Stage.
    -Your tag team moves are usable after you've passed through certain parts of a
    certain stage. The Rolling Combo for example you don't learn till you play in
    Sylvania Castle Act 3.
    -Gather all 7 emeralds to see the true ending which doesn't show the Try Again
    Since the levels have many different routes, I'm not going to be to thorough
    with the walkthrough unless I have to such as with the later levels.
    ~~Sylvania Castle Act 1: A New Frontier~~
    There are several paths to take in this level but, I'm gonna give you a little
    strategy for the Proof of Speed accomplishment which you must complete this 
    level below 1 minute's time.
    After the plane lands, run right and jump onto the high ledge and spring up to
    the upper right platform. Hop over the gap, and quickly rev up the wheel to make
    the path clear up by spin dashing next to it just like you did in Marble Garden
    Zone in Sonic 3 if you played it. Run to the right again and let the speed boost
    do all the work for you as you are automatically bounced along the path which
    includes running on the water surface. Ignore the Bubbles (I will capitalize the
    word Bubbles to indicate the enemy and not the bubbles you get for breathing
    underwater) and use a Flying Combo at the apex of the final launch at the end of
    the predestined path to get on top of the hill faster. Continue to the right
    again and be sure to jump before you hit the wall while running on the water to
    not only avoid going underwater but you will also get the Red Ring on the ledge.
    Get a boost and use the Bubbles for leverage and get another boost but jump off
    of the loop while midway to avoid the loop and you'll land on the ground below
    the loop. Go through several boosts and you'll land on crates that retract if
    you stay on them too long so jump off to the right quickly and get the sneakers
    and rev up the wheel to clear the wall. Now make a break for it to the right.
    The end of level goal is just ahead. Be careful as you might accidentally bump
    into the 1-up box and risk losing your Proof of Speed bid.
    ~~Sylvania Castle Act 2: Sunken Ruins~~
    Run down the hill and break through the walls. When you get launched, use a Swim
    combo to swim to the wall and drop into the area on the very right where the
    wall is and drop down. Since this should be your first dip in the water if you
    followed instructions so far, be sure to grab bubbles for air or you will drown
    and lose a life. The usual countdown and the music occurs when this is about to
    happen. At the bottom you will see a 10-ring box. Head to the top ledge just to
    the right of it and use a Swim combo to go to the top and you should see a boost
    on the left. Now go right and the Red Ring should be in plain sight during your
    travels. Jump to the left to get it once you see it. Now go right and use the
    Bubbles and Fullboar for leverage. Watch out for the spears that the statues'll
    spit out and use a homing attack on the platforms to flip them over and spring
    off of them. The water will continually rise and fall but the main objective is
    to stay on the highest ground as possible till you reach the end of the level.
    ~~Sylvania Castle Act 3: Moonlit Realm~~
    You are already underwater at the start of the level so get moving quickly to
    get to dry land. Work your way up and use a homing attack to knock over the
    column. Use the boost to launch yourself next to a wall. You'll use the Rolling
    Combo here for the first time. Stay in the ball to move through the level faster
    and have a little invincibility. The ball will take you over some platforms that
    tilt but won't drop you. Stay rolled up till you eventually land on a spring
    that will bounce you then disengage and use homing attack on the tilter platform
    to make it horizontal. Make your way up and to the right. There are some other
    platforms that shift when you use Homing attack on it. As you go up, just use
    the homing attack on the tilters to boost your way up to the top.
    When you come across a column which can be knocked over to get the coins below
    it, fly over it because there is a Red Ring on top of the loop past it. Now you
    can roll your way through most of the level until you reach a tilter platform
    that won't budge. Swim to the top and boost your way to the hard wall and roll
    through them. Now it's time to be careful because you can fall to your death.
    Use Tails to bail you out if possible and towards the end when you see a giant
    row of spinner platforms, it's safer to use a Rolling Combo to get across and
    end the level.
    ~~Sylvania Castle Boss: Dueling Eggman's New Creation~~
    Run to the right and collect the rings. Dr. Eggman will appear and speed off but
    you won't fight him just yet. Get the rest of the rings and the first boss will
    have you thinking that you'll be fighting a remake of the Aquatic Ruin boss from
    Sonic 2 but two tentacles come out and knock them away. Robotnik is encased in a
    flower. The only way to hurt him is to hit him while the flower is bloomed. The
    first two hits are free but for the rest of the fight you can only get in a hit
    while using the Flight Combo. Hover over Eggman when the flower blooms and don't
    use a Homing Attack. Drop onto him instead to get a hit and then reactivate the
    Flight Combo and do it again. 
    Two more tentacles sprout from the ground after the 4th hit. Whenever you see
    them rear back, that means they are going to slam the ground. Pay attention to
    the angle of which they rear back to avoid the slap. After the 7th hit, Eggman
    will get angry and have his tentacles sprout some spikes and stab the machine to
    feed him power. From there, Eggman will fire a laser beam that sweeps across all
    the surfaces of the screen. Hit him before he fires the laser to stop it. Repeat
    the process to end the fight.
    ~~White Park Act 1: Snow-Blind Wonderland~~
    Everything is straightforward at the beginning. When you hit your first boost, a
    deadly avalance comes down that kills you if it catches you. Keep running down
    the slope till you are launched into the air to safety. Keep moving to the right
    and when you run up a slope and get some airtime (you'll see a Spikes below). I
    will captialize Spikes to indicate it's an enemy just like with Bubbles. Anyway,
    when you take to the sky, use a Flying combo at the apex of your launch and fly
    to the upper right ledge. This will lead to getting the Red Ring the easy way.
    Push the snowball onto the spikes to protect yourself from them then push the
    other snowball and watch out because this one doesn't cover all the spikes. Once
    out of the area, hop across the gap and continue forward and bounce off of the
    springs to go upwards. 
    Run down the slope ahead of the avalanche until you are sprung forward. Some of
    the Bubbles will give you leverage. Take out the polar bear enemy called the
    Snowy. It takes three hits to defeat it. Watch out for its claw swipe. It is a
    devastating move. Fans of Sonic Colors will recognize this next part as Yellow
    Dig power only you will use the Rolling combo to burrow through the snow. You
    will die if caught in the cave in when the snow repairs itself from where you
    dug. After that sequence, continue right and this time you can snowboard on the
    avalanche without getting hurt. Stay on it till launched ahead. Try to stay on
    the high road but if you fall, you'll have to do a lot more burrowing. Ignore
    the Snowy on the left and go right to the dead end. Hop over the gaps and use
    the springs as soon as possible and it's best to hop a foot away from the wall
    to clear it better. Once out of the tunnel, keep rolling and uncurl when on the
    slope because you have to outrun an avalanche. You'll be sprung over the first
    gap then get ready to jump on the spring and be bounced to the high road which
    lets you ride on the avalanche and use the homing attack on the Bubbles to get
    to the ledge. After springing over the large pit. Exit stage right.
    ~~White Park Act 2: Sonic Coaster Rails~~
    This level will occassionally bounce you back and forth along the rollecoaster
    tracks in the foreground and background. Start by running through the track and
    you'll end up in the background. The tracks try to be slick and start moving on
    their own. Quickly get into the alcove on the very right and spring to the fore-
    ground. Go through several boosts and land on the platform that expands and de-
    tracts. Jump off and use the Bubbles for leverage. Wait till the platforms are
    horizontal as they rotate before you cross them and quickly get in that next
    alcove before the track blocks it off. Bounce into the background and go through
    several boosts and bounce back to the foreground. You will eventually come to a
    part of track that moves left and right. Wait for it to move right and jump down
    the center through the blocks and kill the Fullboar. Duck into the gap if you
    don't think you can get through the rising-falling track in time. When it goes
    up, head for the spring and get on top of the same piece of track and go to the
    upper left and use the springs. To get the Red Ring, ignore the boosts and hop
    over the spring that sends you springing back and forth between scenes. You will
    clear the gap in the process and get the ring. Get the 10-ring and spring onto
    the track again. Go through several boosts including one that helps you avoid
    being crushed between the tracks and the exit is just ahead.
    ~~White Park Act 3: Labyrinth at Absolute Zero~~
    My favorite BGM in Sonic 4 Episode 2. Get a boost off the rollecoaster tracks
    and you'll be launched into the water and collect a load of rings on the way
    down. Once again, you'll need air bubbles to survive underwater. Use your Swim
    combo to maneuver through the terrain. You will need to swim fast to get past
    the Steelions who freeze themselves in iceblocks that serves as obstacles that
    block your path in certain areas. They can however be defeated if you attack
    them quickly enough. Everything is straightforward until you end up out of the
    water the first time. Stay on the high road using the Swim/Flying combo depend-
    ing where you are and hit the lampost. There are a couple platforms that could
    smash you if you are not platform. The first one will smash you if you stand on
    it and the second one will smash you if you are below it. Hop to the spring to 
    be bounced around to the upper ledge and kill the Snowy. Fly over the ledge and
    you will soon bounce around to the bottom of the water and what you need to do
    is use the Swim combo and fly out of the water and get the Red Ring on the upper
    ledge. Stay on higher ground till you reach a dead end and drop down and use the
    Fly combo and soon the water rises. The Fly becomes a Swim combo. Use it to get
    through the spikes and get ready to swim fast as you got to swim through several
    sets of Steelions. What you do is swim along the lines of the coins to safety.
    Once you manage to get out of the water. You can get a 1-up before you exit.
    ~~White Park Boss: Metal Sonic Strikes~~
    Get the coins as you go right. Metal Sonic Rides in on a rocket and attacks you.
    Metal Sonic's attacks comes at random but his first attack always rolls across
    the floor which you must jump. Run up to him and use a homing attack on him when
    he is not flashing purple because he will hurt you if you do so. Occasionally,
    the track will have springs that bounce you to the background or foreground but
    nothing really matters. You've already got your first hit and he swept across
    the floor already. Hit him again and he will retreat momentarily. This is your
    cue to hold Right on the D-pad as there is a spring that will vault you over a
    large gap and you need all the leverage to land safely. 
    From here on out, he'll use random attacks after you hit him each time. Aside
    from the rolling across the ground, he can roll across the ground and jump when
    he is midscreen to throw you off. He may also throw a spark column on the ground
    that you must jump through carefully or jump over if it's low enough. Another
    attack which is the nastiest of all is that he can fly straight up and crash
    into the ground multiple times and destroy that section. You must jump over the
    gap or you'll fall to your death. When he is down to his last hit, he will roll
    across the ground for a short distance and jump high into the air and come down
    hard on the left side and roll back. Hit him once more and you win.
    ~~Oil Desert Act 1: Through the Sandstorm~~
    If White Park wasn't much of a challenge, then Oil Desert is sure to be one as
    deaths will come easy if you don't know what you're getting into when playing
    the level for the first time. I know I had a lot of deaths in this one level
    alone towards the end.
    Make your way to right and let the boost take you through the upper path. Stay
    on the high path and watch out for the Scarabesques in this level. They are some
    beetle robots that roll exploding rocks at you and they damage you if you try to
    do a frontal attack with poor timing. Get past the first few then spring up at
    the end and go left and boost to roll over the wall and get the 10-ring if you
    want it and run down the slope and quickly run across the quicksand or you will
    sink and die once you are completely under. There are winds that blow you every
    which way. A series of Scarabesque will come arrive. It's best to hug the wall
    below the first one and let the rock roll past then use a Fly combo to fly over
    all three. At the end, you'll zigzag down a series a girders. Run past the rock
    rolling down and stand underneath the platform the Scarabesque is on just after
    the weak floor. When the previous rock blows up, jump through the weak floor.
    Run down the sloping girder and let the ball go by and kill the Scarabesque. Go
    down the slope and get sprung onto quicksand and run across and get the 10-rings
    and sneakers. Jump through the weak floor and get the coins. Get a boost and
    stay on the path it takes you through. Carefully jump onto the rising platforms
    without being blown off and use the boost at the top during the Rolling Combo to
    skip across the gaps and you will eventually come across a spot that is the bane
    of first time players.
    This section requires total concentration. Jump into the air and use the Flying
    combo and don't press the jump button yet. Let the storm carry you over the gap
    and spikes. When the line of rings start to climb upwards, that is your cue to
    press the Jump button to get a boost and get on the ledge. Repeat the process
    and press jump once to get over the spikes and let the wind carry you so you can
    use the Jump button to get on the next ledge. You will have one more wind-aided
    flight to go through. To get the Red Ring, pay attention to the coins. When you
    see them climb upwards, press the jump button enough times to snag it in the
    upper right. Now let the wind carry you the rest of the way and enter inside the
    opening and proceed to the exit. That my friends is the hardest level in the
    game in my opinion. The Flamers may give you trouble on route to the Red Ring.
    ~~Oil Desert Act 2: Beneath the Sands~~
    I'm sure some of ya'll may have noticed the Red Ring that seems out of reach at
    the beginning of the level. Drop down the oil slick and jump off when you are in
    mid flight, use the Fly combo to clearly land on the platform with the angled
    spring but don't use it . Use a Rolling combo to roll up the oil slick to the
    left and jump onto the platform when you crash into the wall and get the Red 
    Ring when you uncurl. Go down the oil slick to the bottom and run across the
    quicksand and spring up at the end. Those Sandworms are tricky to avoid so you
    are better off flying or rolling past them. Get the shield if you want it. One
    Scarabesque will show up, deal with it and hold down Right on the d-pad to carry
    yourself through a long stretch of the level and you will see the red spiky
    Bubbles that damage you if you try to attack it with spikes out. However there
    is an icon showing Sonic and Tails holding hands. This is the pinball crash. Use
    the Fly combo to get it and press Jump rapidly to bounce around the screen and
    it will end with a crash into the ground that kills all enemies onscreen and
    cause rings to appear everywhere. Pull to the right when done and let the boost
    carry you past the Sandworms and spring up at the end.
    Fly over the next set of sandworms and get a boost to run under the low spikes
    when running across the quicksand. The level will be straightfoward towards the
    end if you stay on the oil slicks all the way. Just make your way to the exit as
    nothing will stop you from after the last oil slick.
    ~~Oil Desert Act 3: A Crude Trap~~
    This level contains a throwback to Sonic & Knuckles Sandopolis Zone Act 2 as the
    sand trap makes its epic return. The first sand trap requires no help as long as
    you stay well ahead of the sand. There are 3 total in this level, btw. After you
    get out the first sand trap, carefully jump across the oily platforms. You don't
    have to worry about the Flamer yet but later on in the level, they'll light up
    the oil on the platforms. For now, proceed to the next sand trap. This one is a
    little tricky since you got springs and hard walls to break as you stay ahead of
    the sand. You also got to break some weak surfaces. The hard walls will break in
    three homing attacks. Near the end of the sand trap, jump through the weak green
    surfaces before the sand catches up and spring your way to the top and break the
    hard walls quick and you are out of the second sandtrap. Now what you want to do
    here is instead of going down the turn, use the Fly combo to get on top of the
    carbo boxes and drop down to the lower right and get the invincibility box. Now
    the Flamers won't even hurt you when lighting the oil. When you get launched in
    the air, use the Fly combo to get on the upper ledge. Now head right and make
    your way to the bottom and to the right from there. Jump on to the spring and
    use the Fly combo to get the Pinball Crash to kill the Flamers and break the
    hard walls. Now proceed to the final sand trap. Beware of the Scarabesques and
    spikes that make this trip a pain. Use the Fly combo to get past Scarabesques
    and land on the upper left ledge. From here, use it again to get the Red Ring in
    the upper left and rev up your Spin Dash when you land because there are too
    many spikes to get through this part ahead of the sand. When the sand covers the
    lower spikes, unleash the Spin Dash and escape the sand trap. Exit stage right.
    ~~Oil Desert Boss: A Giant Born of Scrap Metal~~
    After you collect the coins, you will be trapped in a small room. Eggman will
    gather up some parts to create his machine and throughout the whole fight, you
    will have to avoid the falling blocks. The arrows will display where they'll
    fall. The next block will fall where the arrows are boldly red. With the blocks
    falling you are pretty much climbing your way out of the room at the same time.
    You can only hit Eggman when the dome on top of the machine is open and reveals
    him. Use the Flight Combo to hit him with Tails' tails. Just be sure to hit him
    before he takes what I believe is a swipe at you with the machine's left hand.
    After a few hits, spike blocks will come down and harm whoever steps on them. At
    least they are not gory like they were in the game Catherine. Eggman will also
    through in some countdown bomb blocks that will explode when they hit zero and
    destroy any nearby blocks nearby. You will know when he is down to his last hit
    when he retreats to the very top and blocks stop falling. Use the Flight Combo
    to join Eggman up top and he'll leap back and forth across the screen. After he
    has leapt to the foreground a second time, run all the way to the left and get
    ready to use your Rolling Combo to hit his foot after he lands and that is it.
    ~~Sky Fortress Act 1: The Tornado Takes Off~~
    Don't even worry about getting 50 rings by the end of the level. There is no end
    sign in here. You pass this stage the moment Metal Sonic is defeated or when he
    For now you are more or less in control of the plane and guiding Sonic in the
    direction he wants to go. The scene starts with Eggman retreating then Metal
    Sonic arrives in the background piloting an airship that will antagonize you
    throughout the whole level. You learn a new control called Tornado Boost which
    cause the Tornado to do a spinning torpedo that breaks hard boxes. Get the rings
    as you deal with Bubbles, Balkiries, and Turtloids. The first Tornado Boost will
    break two sets of hard boxes, kill two Bubbles and get you a 1-up. You can even
    use the Tornado to cause damage if you don't want to use homing attacks. After
    dealing with the Bubbles and Balkiries you will go through a speedy flight where
    you move so fast that Sonic fights to hang onto the plane. After the fifth set
    of rings. Do a Tornado Boost to destroy the blocks.
    Sonic regains his footing as Tails slows down. Get through the Turtloids and 
    avoid the laser shots that Metal Sonic rains upon you. Do a Tornado Boost if he
    shoots four simultaneously to be safe. Now you will go through another speedy
    sequence. Relax, the missiles do not explode; they push you back. When you get
    the first two sets of coins, don't follow the next set. Fly over that missile
    that is there and then come down to get the Red Ring. Follow the rings straight
    and do a Tornado Boost. Follow the coins down and do another. Follow them up and
    do another Tornado Boost. Next, the coins dip down then up and do another one of
    the Tornado Boost. Now maneuver the plane to midscreen and do one more Tornado
    Boost. You'll see three more rings before you go to ditch the plane. You will
    reunite with Tails later.
    Defeat the Turtloids as you come across them. When you see three of them stacked
    vertically, kill the bottom one and get on its shell. Then leap forward and use
    the homing attack on the Bubbles and watch out for the Turtloid coming from the
    left as you take them out. Get onto the platform and get back on the plane. Now
    Metal Sonic will shoot cannonballs at you and send lasers and Balkiries and the
    Turtloids. You can ride it out or do a Tornado Boost to bounce the cannonballs
    back at him. Eight hits and Metal Sonic falls.
    ~~Sky Fortress Act 2: Infiltrating the Sky Fortress~~
    Make your way to the bottom and hit the spring and let the propellers take you
    upwards to the top and go right and bounce on the springs and continue right and
    take out the Clucks and Fullboar. Continue the upward climb via propellers and 
    when you run to the rightm you'll be running sideways on zero-gravity fence and
    you can move up or down to get rings and as long as you keep running, you won't
    fall. Take the upper road to the ledge. The next part is straightforward as long
    as you don't stop moving. You'll eventually "land" on propellers that will carry
    you so you can move right. Get the shield and make your way down. At the bottom,
    go right and use the springs and go right upward on the zero-gravity fence and
    use the boosts to zigzag upwards to the top. Get the invincibility and run your
    way past the Clucks, Fullboars, and jet engine fire while invincible. When you
    get to a ramp, wait for the jet engine fire to retract before spin dashing to
    the top. Head to the right and hit the pinball crash to take out the Clucks. Let
    the path carry you to the Clucks and defeat them then spring to the top and kill
    the Bubbles for leverage to get to the platform but beware of the red one. It
    is best to vault over it from the first two. Let the jet engine fire go out then
    use the Fly Combo to clear all three. Your travels will take you onto the zero
    gravity fence. Go upward on it then come down a little when past the wall. The
    Red Ring will be there but you will lose your footing on the fence. This is the
    time to use the Fly combo to safely land on something. Just past the jet fire
    is the exit.
    ~~Sky Fortress Act 3: Mile High Mayhem~~
    Beware of the rocket fire as you jump over the gaps. Use the homing attack to
    knock the cap off the cannon and get inside and it will shoot you every which
    way. You'll go through several of these throughout the level so I won't say much
    about this level until you reach the spot where the jet fuel fire stars to come
    out in waves from above. The best strategy is to let the first few flames pass
    and jump down to where the orange falling signs are and use the Fly combo to fly
    beneath the remaining flames and get on the platform safely. The next ones will
    spurt in threes back and forth and use the Fly combo to clear the gap. The last
    set can be cleared without the Fly combo. Just time a mid-jump through the coins
    to make it safely. Kill the Clucks. Go through a cannon and avoid getting your-
    self smashed by the platforms to make it to the spring and the upper ledge. The
    Red Ring is gonna be hell to get without getting hit. Let the flames go out then
    Spin Dash off the edge to get the ring and jump down before the flames come back
    and use the Fly combo to carefully avoid the flames and use the springs to get
    on the platform. Ride one more cannon then use the Rolling Combo to bowl your
    way to the end.
    ~~Sky Fortress Boss: Showdown in the Skies~~
    Gather all the rings you can and be prepared for a tough boss fight which will
    leave wondering how you are going to fight this boss if you play fight him the
    first time. The aim is to get past the lasers and hit Metal Sonic's cockpit. The
    lasers happen at random so I can't give an exact strategy on avoiding them but
    if you see all four lasers fire at the same time, that is a good time to speed
    up to the right quickly before they fire again and get in a hit or two and even
    three if you are lucky. Metal Sonic will sometimes fly to the bottom and fire
    the lasers upward. You can't hit him when he does that.
    When you hit him enough times, Metal Sonic speeds by and faces you. Watch out
    for the Balkiries that fly by randomly and use a homing attack when safe. You
    got to avoid the lasers too. A thin line will indicate where the laser is going
    to fire. This part gets unfair because the Balkiries and lasers attack at the
    same time and make things harder to avoid. If you manage to get enough hits in,
    the Metal Carrier starts to lose control and starts firing spiraling missiles
    either high or low. An arrow will indicate which level the missile will spiral
    in. Get through the missile storm and use a Plane Charge to finish off the Metal
    ~~Death Egg Mk. II Act 1: A Duel with Metal Sonic~~
    The first part of the level requires no help from me until you reach the fight
    with Eggman and Metal Sonic. You cannot hurt Eggman who is blocked by a shield
    you can't penetrate. Metal Sonic will throw a big energy ball and send it at you
    but it's random where it will land. You have to hit Metal Sonic when he is not
    emitting a purple spark. Eggman will occasionally try to bum rush you but the 
    Rolling Combo will guard against that. When Eggman rises to the top, that's your
    cue to run and jump over Metal Sonic and wait for him to throw his energy ball
    harmlessly then homing attack him. He will fall after a few hits. The next part
    needs no help either but I'll tell you where the last Reg Ring is. There is a
    spot where you will ride the platform up and a spring on the left wall that'll
    bounce you to the lower right. Ignore this spring and jump over it to the left
    and use a Fly combo to capture the Red Ring on the upper left. Now fall down
    and let the path carry you to the spot where you will race Metal Sonic just as
    you did in Sonic CD. The only real enemy in this whole level itself is the sharp
    spikes which will only be a threat when you mess up your Fly combos that are
    prompted. The race against Metal Sonic is not as hard as it seems. Your best bet
    at winning is to use the Rolling combo which not only makes you faster but also
    break through the barriers which normally take three hits to break. The Rolling
    combo will slow down a little. When that happens, uncurl and redo it to regain
    the speed. If you lose this race, you die automatically when you touch the fence
    of electricity.
    ~~Death Egg Mk. II Final Boss: The End of the Beginning~~
    Get the rings and you will eventually be sprung into a room where Eggman's final
    machine looks like a giant heart with three layers of rings surround him. You've
    got to negotiate through the three rings carefully and hit Eggman on the upper
    part of the heart area to score a hit safely. After each hit, Eggman will spin
    Sonic and Tails around and drop them back onto the first ring. Anytime that you
    stay on the third ring too long, Eggman will do the same time but it will hurt
    you this time. After the first hit, panels will start to electrify. Carefully
    make your way back to the heart and hit it again. After the second hit, Eggman
    will add some harmless lasers to the spin sequence and every thing gets a little
    bit trickier. After a few more successful hits, he will use the lasers again and
    now segments of the second ring will fall off. Safely get to the third ring and
    use a Rolling Combo to break the barrier. One more hit and it's all over. Enjoy
    the ending.
    You have to collect a certain amount of rings in each of the three phases of the
    seven special stages in order to pass to the next phase or collect the Chaos
    Emerald in the end. Hold []/A button to get a boost of speed. You gather all the
    rings that are close to you during the boost.
    You get a trophy for getting all the rings in Special Stage 1.
    ~~Special Stage 1~~
    Phase 1: Middle, Right, Middle, Left, Middle, Middle, Middle, Left, Middle
    Phase 2: Right, Middle, Middle, Middle, Left, Middle, Right, Middle, Left (all
    the way to get the ones on the side) then try to maneuver Tails to get the other
    Phase 3: Middle, Left, Right, Jump to get the 10-Ring, Middle all the way until
    the ring bonus where you collect all rings in this order (Middle, Right, Middle,
    Left, Middle). In all there are 294 rings + 20 ring bonus for 314 rings.
    The Adventure Begins (5)
    Rolling Combo! (5)
    Activate the Rolling Combo with Sonic and Tails.
    Metal Sonic Falls (5)
    Defeat Metal Sonic in SKY FORTRESS ZONE, Act 1.
    A Golden Wave (10)
    Defeat all bosses as Super Sonic.
    All Stages Cleared! (10)
    Defeat the final foe and watch the ending.
    Tag Partner (10)
    Upload a Multiplayer score or time.
    I Love Tails (10)
    Play as Tails 50 times.
    Ring Collector (15)
    Beat Special Stage 1 after collecting every Ring.
    Endurace Race (25)
    Clear all stages without returning to the World Map.
    All Chaos Emeralds Found! (30)
    Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.
    Proof of Speed (35)
    Clear SYLVANIA CASTLE ZONE, Act 1 in one minute or less.
    All Red Star Rings Found! (40)
    Defeat the final foe after collecting every Red Star Ring.
    The Adventure Begins (Bronze)
    Rolling Combo! (Bronze)
    Activate the Rolling Combo with Sonic and Tails.
    Metal Sonic Falls (Bronze)
    Defeat Metal Sonic in SKY FORTRESS ZONE, Act 1.
    A Golden Wave (Bronze)
    Defeat all bosses as Super Sonic.
    All Stages Cleared! (Bronze)
    Defeat the final foe and watch the ending.
    Tag Partner (Bronze)
    Upload a Multiplayer score or time.
    I Love Tails (Bronze)
    Play as Tails 50 times.
    Ring Collector (Bronze)
    Beat Special Stage 1 after collecting every Ring.
    Endurace Race (Silver)
    Clear all stages without returning to the World Map.
    All Chaos Emeralds Found! (Silver)
    Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.
    Proof of Speed (Silver)
    Clear SYLVANIA CASTLE ZONE, Act 1 in one minute or less.
    All Red Star Rings Found! (Gold)
    Defeat the final foe after collecting every Red Star Ring.
    The Adventure Begins (50)
    Rolling Combo! (50)
    Activate the Rolling Combo with Sonic and Tails.
    Metal Sonic Falls (50)
    Defeat Metal Sonic in SKY FORTRESS ZONE, Act 1.
    A Golden Wave (50)
    Defeat all bosses as Super Sonic.
    All Stages Cleared! (100)
    Defeat the final foe and watch the ending.
    Tag Partner (100)
    Upload a Multiplayer score or time.
    I Love Tails (100)
    Play as Tails 50 times.
    Ring Collector (100)
    Beat Special Stage 1 after collecting every Ring.
    Endurace Race (100)
    Clear all stages without returning to the World Map.
    All Chaos Emeralds Found! (100)
    Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.
    Proof of Speed (100)
    Clear SYLVANIA CASTLE ZONE, Act 1 in one minute or less.
    All Red Star Rings Found! (100)
    Defeat the final foe after collecting every Red Star Ring.
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