What are all these moles doing in my garden?! It seems they want to play hide-and-seek… Let’s find them!?Explorers, ninjas, pirates, sportsmoles, magicians…Choose your moles, hide them in your friends’ gardens and challenge your list of contacts in fast and exciting matches. Every mole has got a specific function that will make each match unique.Get to know the funniest moles of the App Store, play with them and challenge your friends in The Moleys, the new Pyro Mobile game for iPhone and iPad.KEY FEATURES:? Where have all these moles come from? The more you advance you will be able to use more moles with unique skills. You will get to know up to 16 different moles with unique features and animations.? Endless fun: Each match is unique, the options almost infinite, and every match means a new challenge. It’s up to you to master it.? Put some moles in your friends’ gardens: Invite your friends to play and challenge them in exciting matches. Put your friends’ skills to the test and overcome their challenges as fast as possible to become The Moleys King.------------------------------------♦ Visit to find more games.♦

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