Command a Dragon Army! Battle hundreds of thousands of other Dragon Tribes worldwide in this Battle & Build game from critically acclaimed Spacetime Studios.

If youre reading this, you probably tapped the down arrow in the Description. Thanks, we appreciate your curiosity. We thought you were the type of person that was pretty discriminating about the stuff you put on your fancy mobile devices. Sowe wanted to give you some stuff worth reading to help you decide whether or not to install this. SPOLIER ALERT: we think you should.

Heres what you do in this game pretty simple, actually. You command your army of Dragons as they raze and plunder valuable resources from other players. You use those resources to grow more powerful. You Battle. You Build. You reign supreme.

We think its pretty fun and it dont cost nuthin. We had fun making it and hope you have fun playing it. Why not try it? Cmontap that install button up there.

Here are some other things we think are cool about the game:-
* Build a Dragon Fortress with over 43 different buildings theyre (virtually) real, and theyre spectacular.
* Raise an army from 10 different types of booty-kickin Dragon units that will pillage and plunder as you command. You can upgrade them all too. Youll never get a chance to tell a Dragon what to do in real life!
* Defend your Dragon Fortress with 13 different types of structures that can be upgraded all the way up to bad mamma jamma status and as J.R.R.R.R.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R.R.R.R.R. Martin so notably wrote, Bad mamma jamma Dragons are awesome.
* Want to start a Dragon Tribe with friends? Good, you should. You can help each other by speeding up upgrades and boosting production of Gold and Sheep (yes, we said Sheep). Get awesome Dragon stuff faster.
* Join with Facebook friends to help each other do all that speedup and boost stuff we just mentioned cuz thats so much more valuable than looking at photos of what they had for lunch or their kitty cats doing adorable things.
* Your Dragon tribe gets to fight against other Dragon tribes in a leathery winged battle for supremacy. Thats a Constitutional right, by the way, not a privilege. Thats true you can look it up.
* Optimized for all the latest displays on all these fancy space age devices we all carry around now. If theyre going to go through the trouble of making these things, we might as well take advantage of it, right? Pixels are a terrible thing to waste. Plus its no fun to squint unless you are doing some kind of Clint Eastwood impression.
* Takes full advantage of Integrated Google Play game services!
* Oh, and did we mention your Dragons eat sheep? You just cant put a dollar value on that kind of entertainment. But that really doesnt matter since the game is free anyway.

Still reading? What are you waiting for? Install it already - we hope you enjoy Battle Dragons!

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