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"Did you mean Lunar Drifting?"

Oh wow, did Google drop the ball on this game or what? Let me start off by stating that this game REQUIRES a trackball, and without it you will be unable to play the game. To start you have to hit "up", and to control your speed/gas you have to click the trackball in. There has been NO updates made to turn this game into a touch game in the near future - sorry guys.

In the fullest details possible, this game is about controlling a rocket ship, and having to throttle the gas in order to land on the correct landing pad. It's essential to get the right speed because too fast will cause you to crash, and if you go too slow you use up all your gas and plummet down to the moon. There's no High Scores to keep except for a mental note of how many landings you have done, so there isn't much of a "goal" to shoot for.

Now that sounds simple enough, I mean from A to B right? Well, unfortunately the developers forgot or neglected to incorporate the ability to steer or attempt to move your rocket in any direction to help you land. But rather, the game drifts your rocket to the left or to the right randomly and you can instantly tell if you won't win. It's that obvious of a drift. Given that your rocket will drift automatically right from the beginning (and you can't control it) plus the factor that you CAN drift off the screen, and never see your ship again this game is maybe worth the attempt for 5 minutes until you get too frustrated.

The game offers different difficulties being Easy (large pad), Medium (medium pad), and Large (small pad) which doesn't make much of a difference considering the game still automatically drifts you left or right so you have to hope to get a soft drift. But regardless the easy difficulty is the suggested one for difficulty for this game because any other will cause too small of a pad that you will almost never be able to land on.

There's absolutely no sound to this game, which could have made this game a little bit better by adding the sound of a flame burn when you use your gas, or a crashing noise when you crash. Just those two sound bites could have made this game that much more fun. The graphics surprisingly are pretty decent. You're only offered one ship to choose from and you can see a crest of the moon (where you land) with a half visual of the Earth in the background. Sadly to say the graphics are probably the nicest thing about this game.

All in all, I definitely do not recommend this game under any circumstances until they offer an update that gives you the ability to control your drifting directions.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 05/26/10

Game Release: Lunar Lander (US, 11/27/09)

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