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"If you're looking for a time killer, here it is!"

The basic concept of this game in a nutshell is to Trap the marbles in the smallest regions possible without dying, and with each region blocked off you receive points and/or a bonus to go with it. You slide your finger either horizontally, or vertically to create lines and you can create more than one at a time! Many people don't understand that concept and to be quite honest, knowing this can get you through the harder levels. As the levels progress you get more and more marbles to try and block off so patience, sometimes, is a virtue.

There are several different game modes to play from including; Training Mode, which has few marbles, but you don't receive bonus's for blocking off area's. Skill Mode, which offers an additional life and speed bonus each level passed as well as a bonus for each region blocked before losing a life. Time Challenge, which requires you to complete a level within a given amount of time. Lastly there is "Normal mode" which offers speed bonus's, time bonus's, and area bonus's.

Unfortunately there is no sound added to this game which would have been a very easy soundboard addition. The only things that would have been needed would be a sound to be made when you're level is completed (fire works already shoot so why not?). Or maybe even some sort of buzz or crash sound when your line hits a marble and you lose a life. I dunno, something to go along with the rest of this game, because the sound is the only part lacking.

It's nice to see that when a new level comes up, so does a new background color. On some simple games lately you've seen people get lazy and keep the same image, and just change the game play - but here both are changed. It seems as if all the colors "textured" which brings a nice little touch to the game. The colors (background, and highlights) aren't very bright but they flash once highlighted and are in constant change. The Marbles in which you use themselves are red, with a silver line that's created when you box off areas, which neither change. Once you finish a level you do get a nice set of fire works to show your accomplishment.

It's nice to see this game offer a High Scores option and statistics... which usually gives you to have something to strive for iif you're not offered any type of multi-player or campaign. Trap automatically sets up 10 default High Scores (starting at 10,000 and ending at 3,000,000) and as you play, yours will take them over. And statistics on things ranging from your highest level completed, highest bonus, ball regions(accumulative) to the percent of region size completed.

Overall, this game is a good game to play for short periods of time, or even long periods of time. One of the few games you can close and reopen in the same life so this can be played for hours without restarting. And with that, levels go quick so you can keep trying and trying to further your scores. I strongly urge anyone who's looking for a simple, addicting game to give this a shot.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/03/10

Game Release: Trap (US, 01/12/10)

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