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Reviewed: 06/08/10

Ever heard of Lady Luck? ....We'll she's not on our side, that's for sure!

Let me start off by saying that Charlenes Beachside BlackJack (BS Blackjack in the Market Place) receives terrible reviews on the market place and if you're at all interested in BlackJack, this is worth a shot. If you've never played BlackJack before, the object of the game is to receive a total amount of 21 without going over (busting). If you tie the dealer, dealer always wins with the exception of you receiving a Blackjack (Ace + 10-King). You start off this game with $1,000 and the ability to bet up to $99,999 and a limit of being able to reach up to a maximum of $999 Million but to be honest, I think it's impossible to even obtain $1 Million.

The game offers a detailed Help option which goes through teaching you every aspect of the game from the simple "obtain a score of 21" all the way to the details of pushing(draw), Splitting (using your cards for a second hand), and even the option to "surrender" which will only give up half your bet. This game takes into account that if you've never played BlackJack before in your life, you can download this game and learn it easy.

The reviews given for this game within the Market Place do no justice what-so-ever. You gotta give this game a chance before you knock it, and not enough people play it for more than a day. I do agree that the ability to win in this game is minimal, maybe a %30 over-all chance of winning each hand. I've played hundreds of hands of BlackJack only to still (on the same save) keep myself even. It's absolutely pointless to bet any type of high amount because this game is anything but random. Cards are *not* shuffled but randomly dealt so it's extremely possible to play the same hand, or to even see the same hand often.

Don't expect to slam through this game and break the max. Honestly, the dealer is just too damn lucky. If their face card is inf act a 10 or higher you can guarantee they will strike a 19, 20, or 21. The dealer rarely if ever busts - and when they do, it's the times where you score 21.

On the upside, this game has great graphics for a cell phone game. There's animation on the dealer (eyes blink) as well as the flipping of your cards when each hand is dealt. This game offers a great opening menu in the aspect that it's a real title screen not just a "click here to start". The background itself is a visual of some sort of resort with a female dealer in a bikini, who has incredibly good luck. The developers definitely took their time in visually designing this game, and it really shows. Kudo's to you sir. Not only did they show incredible graphics for such a minimalistic game but the sound effects I personally think are even better. Why? Because theirs sounds for everything! When you change your bid, there's a dinger. When you win, lose, draw(push) you have sounds. Not only sound effects, but a constant background song and a menu song (different songs, which is nice to help reduce repetitiveness).

Overall, this game is pretty fun and can help you kill time. Unfortunately it nearly always seems as if the cards are playing against you but with the few wins you obtain, it keeps your spirits up. This is one of the better games offered for BlackJack in the fact of the graphics and sound you're given, so don't be scared...give it a shot!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Charlene's Beachside Blackjack (Android) (US, 01/12/10)

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